As you can imagine, whenever I go out of town finding a new brunch spot is on the to do list.  I had a brief stay in Kansas City (my birthplace) a few weekends ago before I headed over to my alma mater for homecoming.  With my aunt in tow, I went in search of a new Friday brunch spot in Kansas City!  Per the suggestion of my friend, we headed to the Westport area for brunch!  Keep reading for all of the tea on brunch at The Corner in Kansas City!

The Setup

The Corner in Kansas City-6

The Corner, literally sits on a major corner in Westport, making it easy to find yet difficult to park nearby!  We visited on a Friday morning when you would think people would be at work.  We circled around a few times and then settled on a parking spot a few blocks over.

Once inside, we were greeted by a simple restaurant with wood floors and plain decorations.   The space goes back deep, but we settled on a space upfront near one of the large windows.   I am a pro people watcher and trust this is a great people watching spot!

The Food

The Corner in Kansas City-2

The Corner offered traditional breakfast/brunch fair like pancakes, waffles,burgers and of course french toast. If there is french toast on the menu, you can put money on it that I will be ordering that!  Once I settled on the french toast, the croissant cinnamon roll caught my eye and I decided that I must have both! Yes, it was too much sugar, yes I crashed later, but it was worth it!  To balance it out, I went for the half order of french toast plus a simple hash brown.

The Corner in Kansas City-5

The French Toast!

So let me break it down all of these dishes.   The french toast was pretty traditional which typically is a win for me.  My favorite dish was the cinnamon roll.  Adding the butteriness of a croissant to the batter takes the flavor up a natch.  I mean we have cronuts, how are croissant cinnamon rolls not more popular?!   Again, the hash brown was simple enabling us to pile on our own toppings for our liking.  Perfection.

The Corner in Kansas City

My aunt’s chorizo sausage.

The Corner in Kansas City-4

Golden hash browns!

The Takeaway

If I were to describe this spot to someone from Houston, I would say the Corner fits the midwestern sensibilities that area Kansas City.  It is chill, no frills, good food and a good price point.  You really cannot go wrong.

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