Last Friday, I joined a nice group of folks for the Art, Beats and Lyrics event hosted by Jack Daniels in Minute Maid Park.  Now, I do not typically write recap posts, but this event was too fun not to share with you all the details!  Check out my Jack Daniels:  Art, Beats, and Lyrics Houston Recap, plus catch the cocktail recipe at the bottom!

The Concept

Created in 2004, AB+L combines Jack Daniels, music and urban art.  For the Jack Daniels piece, guests will enjoy cocktails featuring the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.  The drinks are flowing and the music is on point as well.  Houston’s edition of this event included several local djs, the tour dj and THEN Mannie Fresh at the end of the evening.  Those two elements would bring out a crowd anywhere, but the main focus of the event is the art which is strategically placed throughout the venue.

In addition to the main elements, there were a few interactive pieces such as a virtual reality booth (that my sister hilariously FAILED at).  Guests also walked away with fun Jack Daniels swag like headphones, jackets and shirts.  As you can imagine, these components plus a cool venue (GO STROS!) will make for a good time!


Jack Daniels Art, Beats and Lyrics Houston Recap -12

Photo Cred: Kat Goduco/AB+L

The event also took care to give back by donating $5,000 to Angel By Nature, an organization working to rebuild communities destroyed by Hurricane Harvey!

Jack Daniels Art, Beats and Lyrics Houston Recap -10

Photo Cred: Kat Goduco/AB+L

The Art

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Somehow I have found myself at several art events in the last few months.  I am cool enough now that I recognize artists’ names *pats self on the back*  During the media preview, we were hosted by the creator and curator of AB+L Dubelyoo.  As you would imagine he is an artist first.  He spends much of the year curating this project and let me tell you he KNOWS HIS STUFF.  As we walked around the different exhibits, he could instantly tell you the artists name and would often share something unique about the art piece.  

A lot of the art had hip hop influences which fits with the tone of the event.  Many of your favorite music artists were the subject of the pieces like Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Aretha Franklin and Michale Jackson.  While there were some common themes, there still was some variety among the mediums used and truly unique pieces.  There were a quite a few that I could see hanging in my living room!

The Drinks

Jack Daniels Art, Beats and Lyrics Houston Recap -2

I mean who does not love Jack Daniels especially Jack Honey!  The highlight for many of the guests of course is the free cocktail! Most folks pair Jack Honey with lemonade and without a doubt it is good.  This time the hosts took it up a notch with a new cocktail called the Sweet Graffiti.  Check out the recipe below!

  • 1.5 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
  • 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 oz Simple Syrup
  • 1 oz Fruity Cabernet
  • Shake and strain over ice and garnish with lemon twist.

I cannot even tell you how many of Sweet Graffit’s I had y’all, but they were so good and I cannot wait to make them at home!

The Takeaway

Jack Daniels Art, Beats and Lyrics Houston Recap -11

Photo Cred: Kat Goduco/AB+L

If this event makes it to your city, be sure you RSVP as soon as you see it.  It fills up fast and is SO much fun!