I thought I’d stop by for a quick post about some great additions to the Tasting Room menu! Just last week, I stopped by the City Centre location to feast on their best desserts and cocktails.  Best of all, they were fall inspired.  Yes, it was completely a sugar rush, but it was WORTH it!  Check out my post, Desserts and Cocktails at the Tasting Room for all of the details!


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Infused Plums

You may think of the Tasting Room for their vast wine selection.   While this is true, they also are killing the game when it comes to craft cocktails!  On this visit we tried three of their cocktails. Lets start with my favorite, the Plum Dandy!  This cocktail is best described as a fall French 75!  Just like the original, it is a champagne based cocktail with gin.  To make it more fall like they added hints of cinnamon which just feels like Christmas.  The plums are infused with Amsterdam gin overnight.  This of course only heightens the flavor.

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Corpose Reviver No. 2

Up next was the Corpse Reviver No.2.  Of all of the drinks I sampled, this was probably the prettiest!  Yes, looks of a cocktail matter!  It was also the strongest as the glass was lined with absinthe!  My eyes literally got as big as saucers when I read that, HA!  Do not let the absinthe scare you off though.  It also features gin, pierre ferrand orange curacao, lillet and lemon juice.  So the fruit balances out the strength of the absinthe lining.

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The San Jacinto.

Finally, we ended the night San Jacinto  cocktail which features del maguey vida mezcal, house-made hibiscus syrup, vya sweet vermouth and lemon juice.  The mezcal gives this drink a very smoky flavor, so if that’s your thing, this is the cocktail for you.

The Desserts

Desserts and Cocktails at the Tasting Room-1

The whole spread!

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Maple Walnut Bread Pudding

On to the desserts! We tried three of the featured desserts during our tasting.  Again, I like to start with my favorite! I loved the bread pudding! The Maple Walnut Bread Pudding includes a Vermont maple syrup and is topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream.  For the most part, the bread pudding was pretty traditional which sold me on it.  It is also a great portion and easily shareable.

Desserts and Cocktails at the Tasting Room-7

Stilton Cheesecake! Notice the blue cheese details. 

Next up was the Stilton Cheesecake, which was a little spin on your traditional cheesecake because it added stilton blue cheese.  So I am not much of a cheesecake person when it’s made with regular ole Philadelphia cream cheese.  For that reason, I cannot say I can fairly judge this dish.  I will say that my fellow bloggers liked it and noted that the addition of the blue cheese gave a great flavor.  I did nibble on the graham-pecan crust and can attest to it’s tastiness! There is also a wine that pairs perfectly, so be sure to add that!

 Desserts and Cocktails at the Tasting Room-15

Chocolate Torte!

This round ended with a Chocolate Torte.   This dish was SO simple yet perfect.  The torte is a rich flourless dessert made with dark Belgium chocolate topped with whipped cream and raspberries.   Two words describe this dish to me, rich and good! It is also perfect for those who stick to a gluten free diet since it is flourless!

Desserts and Cocktails at the Tasting Room-9

We did start the evening with this charcuterie board to ensure it wasn’t ALL sugar.

The Takeaway

A few of these items are listed as “featured” so my guess is they are seasonal menu items.  With that said, I suggest you get in early to try the dishes as soon as possible!

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