This food blogger *points to self* is knee deep in a two week trial at Revolution Studios and I wanted to share with you all a bit of my experience! No worries, I am not turning into some fitness or health blogger.  That’s just not my life!  But lets be honest!  Life is about balance and let me tell you once you cross that 30 year threshold, you need more balance.   So I am trying to increase my activity level a bit and do things that I enjoy like Yoga.  So check out all the fun with this post on Yoga at Revolution Studios!

Revolution Studios

One of the Houston Food Blogger Collective Members happens to be a yoga instructor at Revolution!  A few months back she invited our group out for a yoga class.  So yes, foodies will collectively work out!  I really enjoyed the class so I waited for a slow period for me to sign up for their two week new client pass.  For just $30, this pass gives you unlimited access to all of the yoga and cycling classes! It’s a great inexpensive way to test it out to see if the studio fits your needs.

Here are some cool things I liked about Revolution:


  • Their staff makes a point to address you by name.  So even if you are new, they try to make you feel like a regular.
  • During the savasana pose the instructor places a wet eucalyptus towel on your forehead! Very refreshing.
  • The River Oaks location has these beautiful floor to ceiling windows in the studio that overlook the Upper Kirby area below.  At the start of class, I zone out by looking out the windows.
  • Their bathrooms are DECKED out with tons of stuff.  Lotion, soap, great towels, deodorant, tampons.  You name it, they’ve got it.
  • Revolution Studios has more than one location.  The River Oaks location is the most convenient for me, but there is also a Sugar Land and Memorial City Location.

The Classes

Now I am no yoga expert, but I have attended yoga classes over the years at different studios.  For the most part, I did hot yoga or Bikram yoga classes which often move slower likely due to the heat in those classes.  These classes also have the same sequence of poses in each class.  Some people appreciate that in their practice while others get bored.

At Revolution, I went in a different direction with their “Flow” yoga classes.  These classes are in rooms heated from 75-90 degrees.  As the name implies you flow through your poses accelerating to a one pose per breath rate at the peak of the class.  Unlike other yoga classes I have attended, this one certainly increases your heart rate and at times felt like a cardio workout!   Also, the instructors seem to have a lot of fun planning out different sequences for the “flow” so each class includes a different set of poses.  There is also music too.

Revolution has a Slow Flow, Fusion Flow and Power Flow class.  I haven’t taken the slow class yet, but both of the Fusion and Power classes were great!  For the Fusion class, it concentrated more on the core. With Power, the room is hotter and seems to move a bit faster to me.  You can check out the descriptions here and see which works best for you!

My Hair ( I promise this is relevant!)

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you probably have noticed that I have shifted to the curly fro the last few weeks!  I can tell you I NEVER thought I would go natural.  I was team creamy crack to the end of time!  But, with so many new tools and products my hair is easily manageable without chemicals, so I finally made the switch.  I can also tell you that it has made working out SUPER convenient!

The myth is always that black women avoid working out because we are trying to keep our hair together. I for one think this is overstated just based on my friend group, but if you happen to find yourself in this category here are some things to note!

  • First off, while the yoga classes at Revolution Studios are in a heated room, it’s not as “juicy” as some other yoga classes I have attended.  Just a bit warm.  So that does limit the amount of sweat.
  • Remember the Save Your Do Gym Wrap that actress Nicole Ari Parker pushed some years back? Well I used that during a class and it worked really well! I put my hair in twists prior to class.  Threw the wrap on, worked out and my hair was mostly dry.  After working out, I easily transitioned into a nice twist out by using this wrap.  Just a note, I sweat in my scalp first so this was very helpful for me!
  • Also every class I have been to, included other black woman rocking varying protective styles and natural hair.  So do not believe the “black women don’t work out” hype.  It’s a lie from the pits of hell!


If you just want to try it out, you can do that for $35 bucks for two weeks.  It’s a steal of a deal! If I make it to a cycling class, I circle back and let you all know how I liked. Based on the attendance I see at those classes, I assume they must be good.  They stay booked up well in advance.

Also, if you have any black girl magic hair tips for working out, please share in the comments!