Part of my prep for Hurricane Harvey included squeezing in one last food tasting!  If you know you are going to be in the house for up to four days with blah food, you jump at the chance to try something new!  On this occasion, I had the pleasure of stopping by Kula Revolving Sushi Bar.  The international restaurant chain just opened a new location right here in Houston on Westheimer and Wilcrest!  The major draw for Kula Revolving Sushi Bar? There is literally a revolving bar with all your sushi favorites!  Keep reading for more info on this cool new restaurant.

The Concept

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar-12

As soon as you walk in you immediately ohh and ahh at the revolving sushi bar!  This is the attraction here, but there are so many more cool elements to this concept!  To start, guests are seated at tables that rest up against the sushi bar or are seated directly at the bar.  Our waitress explained the rules to us as this.  Simply grab the plate from the revolving bar.  As you pull the plate out, the plastic dome pops up allowing for easy removal.

After you enjoy your sushi, you slide your empty plate into the dish retrieval at the end of your table.  This is important because this is how the restaurant counts how much you have eaten!  The monitor above keeps count of how many dishes you have thrown in the dish retrieval.  For every fifteen dishes your table accumulates, you get a prize!  The monitor will play music and a small prize like a keychain will drop down.  Other things to note, the plastic dome includes a timer to ensure that dishes do not stay on the belt too long.  So if no one has eaten it after a certain amount of time, it is removed.

So that’s just the main bar!  There is also another one above it that will bring specially ordered dishes right to you!  So perhaps you want a particular dish and do not see it on the revolving sushi bar or you want to order other dishes that are not available on the bar.  You can order it via your monitor and once it’s ready it will literally shoot along the upper belt right to your table!

The Food


So much good stuff!

We sometimes see things like a revolving bar as a gimmick and assume the food quality and taste gets lost in that.   That is NOT the case at Kula.  My group enjoyed most of the items we tried particularly the traditional sushi dishes.  Also the beauty of the buffet style is you get to see the items up close and personal before deciding if you want to try it.  If you don’t like it? No harm.  Just grab something else.

We really enjoyed the desserts as well.  We went back for seconds of the Japanese Style Soy Milk Donuts.  SO GOOD.


It’s simple vanilla ice cream, but it’s GOOD.


Japanese Soy Milk Donuts


Mango mochi!

There is also sake!!



The Takeaway

The concept is FUN and the food is great too!  For those with kiddos, it is also a great place to bring them.  The kids around me seemed to squeal with glee every time a new dish arrived or when their parents allowed them to grab food off of the bar.   Stop by Kula Revolving Sushi Bar soon, because this is guaranteed to be a popular restaurant!