August is the month where food bloggers like myself run around like crazy people trying to eat at ALL the good restaurants during Houston Restaurant Weeks for the low.  Add in that a portion of my meal purchase goes to charity?  Yeah I’m in there like swimwear.   For those who do not know, each August Houston’s premiere restaurants participate in Houston Restaurants Weeks.  They offer two to three course meals during brunch, lunch, or dinner for $20-45 bucks!  It is the BEST time to try that restaurant that may set you back a few coins. So I being the food blogger I am have already hit up three spots!  So here are my stops for Week 1: Houston Restaurant Weeks!

Brassiere Du Parc


Made some new blogger friends at my first HRW dinner! Great group of ladies!

Located downtown Brassiere Du Parc serves standard French cuisine in a beautiful space. For HRW, Brassiere Du Parc offers a brunch, lunch and dinner menu.   I stopped by for dinner with a few blogger friends!  For my meal, I dined on beef tartare, steak frites and pot au chocolat!  The steak frites was just okay, but I LOVED the beef tartare.  If you visit Brassiere Du Parc during HRW be sure to order that dish!  Oh and best of all, Brassiere offers discounted cocktails for HRW!



This space >>>

Still not quite sure how to pronounce this Xochi, but the food speaks for itself!  Keeping with the owner’s (Chef Hugo Ortez) other concepts, Xochi serves up fancy Mexican food.  So no, do not come here expecting a plain ole taco.  It is much better than that!   I swung over to Xochi during lunch with Renia from Gristle and Gossip for HRW.  Some how I missed that Xochi is located inside the new fancy Marriott downtown.  It definitely fits the hotel and seemed to pull in hotel guests and locals.

One thing you should note is Xochi provides three courses for their $20 lunch menu. Winning!  We started with a squash blossom mole with a masa dumpling.  For my entree, I ordered the catch of the day, a halibut caught my eye.  Served with ismento style potatoes, it is a good satisfying dish!  The tomatillo hoja santa sauce blended well with the fish and potatoes.  I scraped my plate clean!  Then for dessert I enjoyed the tres leches de chocolate or “milk chocolate” cake.  I can appreciate a good tres leches cake more than I used it.  I actually really enjoyed this one!

As the latest restaurant in famed Chef Hugo’s catalogue Xochi is MUCH hyped and honestly I was skeptical because of the hype. Trust, it deserves all the praise.  Use HRW to go see for yourself!

Churrascos Memorial City

This was another lunch stop over with my mom and sister.   We all were super impressed with our food! My mother and stuck with the HRW menu ordering the caesar salad and the gambas al ajillo a shrimp dish.   The caesar salad was pretty standard, but that shrimp dish?! So good!  The shrimp is served with zucchini, tomatoes and jasmine rice in a lemon butter sauce.  The flavors were great and it was a great portion as well!  We skipped dessert, but for just five bucks more you can add one!

The Takeaway

So I have a few more weeks and I am of course eyeing several more restaurants.   One MUST stop for HRW is B&B Butchers.  They were the top restaurant last August.   I also may stop back by Ginger & Fork and try a few of the Italian restaurants featured.

So where have you dined so far? What did you enjoy?? Where are you going next?!