When my friend from college hits me up to schedule a dinner, I instantly get excited! She is guaranteed to suggest a restaurant that has been on my radar, but I just have not had anyone to go with!  On this occasion she immediately suggested Rise No. 2, the soufflé focused restaurant.  I was ALL in to stop over at the Galleria located restaurant to indulge on some soufflés.   So it is fitting that this post is ALL about Soufflés at Rise No. 2!

The Setup

Rise No 2 is located in the BLVD place in the Galleria area. Outside they have a small patio which fits the French theme.  Right inside guests can purchase books and items related to the restaurant and theme.


The space inside is small and homey.  The kitchen opens up into the space.  the decor felt French country with French cafe chairs and other country decor.  The space is cute and not as fancy as some other French restaurants in the area.

The Soufflés

As the name implies,  the menu at Rise focuses on soufflés!  The mention of soufflés makes me think back to childhood cartoons.  remember when you had to be silent while the soufflé cooked so it would rise? Well the good thing is you do not have to be quiet in Rise!

The menu definitely features other items, but we opted for a savory and sweet soufflé!  For my entree I ordered the crab soufflé and my friend ordered the spinach one.   I assumed the dish would be small and light.  With the egg base the soufflé is light, but they Texanized and made it HUGE.   The portions are definitely filling!  My soufflé was delicious with nice hunks of crab inside!  My friend loved the spinach option as well.


Crab Souffle!


The spinach souffle!

If we ate anything at Rise, it would be a dessert soufflé!  They had so many options, it was hard to pick.  Since you can order a chocolate soufflé just about anywhere I went with the bread pudding version while my friend ordered the praline pecan.    We liked both and honestly could not tell the difference between the two other than the nuts included in hers.   Both versions had a cinnamon sugary flavor.  For me, Rise had to get the dessert part right if anything and I must say they did!


The Pecan Praline!

The Takeaway

I really enjoyed Rise No. 2!  The concept and specialized menu from Rise makes this a unique restaurant option!  There are plenty of French restaurants in Houston even some nearby in the Galleria area, but only one with offering a unique experience like Rise No. 2!

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