A year into blogging and I am probably at a foodie related event at least once a week.  Still, my favorite events are those with my Houston Food Blogger Collective!  It is fun not to feel like a crazy person whipping out your iPhone every time a new dish appears from kitchen.  When I am among friends, we ALL are eager to get the best shot!  Our most recent HFBC event was no different.  This time we were in for a treat, our hosts Gateway Memorial City invited us to try three restaurants in the Memorial Gateway Complex.  The new State Fare, Churassacos AND KUU!


Across from Memorial City Mall, Gateway Memorial City includes several restaurants, shopping and beauty options.  Right off of I-10 and Gessner, the Memorial City area is an easy area to get too.  For parking, there are large garages offering free parking, valet and a few parking spots up front near the feeder.   I was lucky enough to grab a parking spot up front *hair flip*

State Fare

We started our three restaurant tasting at State Fare! No shade to the other spots, but I was most excited to try this spot! It’s fairly new and I have only heard good reviews! State Fare’s menu focuses on good ole American comfort food like chicken fried steaks.


We walked in and were immediately handed State Fare Margaritas. My kind of party!  This margarita includes pueblo Viejo blanco tequila, serrano infused pierre ferrand dry curacao, wholesome blue agave sweetener and fresh lime juice.  They even added in peppers for garnish.  The spicy margarita is very popular right now and I must admit this is the first one that I enjoyed!  The bartenders were also kind of enough to demo the drink for us.


Next we tried a few of their appetizers shrimp cocktail, frito pie and homemade chips with dill pickle dip.  Let me take you back for a second to Erika in junior high school where frito pie was my favorite lunch time meal at the school cafeteria.  The composition and basic flavors are the same as my junior high frito pie yes, but this the grown folks version!  The big difference is the chili.  This ain’t your canned Hormel chili.  Nope, the owner makes a real chili with beef and great spicy flavors.  They actually brought a few more out for the group because we continued to devour them!  Ahhh so good.  The shrimp cocktail and chip and dip were also good, I just have such an affinity to frito pie!!

Frito Pie!

Frito Pie!

Before we left, they brought out a few dishes for us to ogle at.  I WILL be back to try these dishes.


The team at Churrascos treated us to a demonstration of their signature Churrasacos steak.  While we watched the short demonstration we chomped down on plantain chips and respective sauces.  These experience is best explained by the pictures below!


Our final stop for the evening was the sushi restaurant KUU.  Here, the chef demonstrated a sushi roll and even allowed a few of our members to try it themselves!  I took video of all of the demonstrations on snapchat and unforuntatley they do not convert well to wordpress.  So all this means for you is you must follow me on snapchat so you do not miss the fun! While we watched we were treated to several appetizers like edamame.


Visiting three restaurants in one evening sounds ideal, but it wore me out!  I really enjoyed all three spots and would of course recommend them to anyone, I will just visit one at a time next time :).