No one told me that Uber Eats expanded their delivery area to now include my home AND office!  Upon discovering this, I tossed the Lean Cuisine I had for lunch to the side and went straight to the app to order. Within an hour, I had Halal Guys at my door thanks to UberEats.  Check out my thoughts on Uber Eats and the Halal Guys below!

How it Works

If you have used Uber, you can make your way through UberEats.  The apps are virtually the same.  After selecting your pick up location, you peruse through the menus that are available in your area.  Each restaurant has select menu items available for delivery.  Make your selections and hit purchase! If you have Uber, it will transfer all of your account information right on over! Hit pay and your food is on the way.   After ordering, the app gives you an estimated delivery time and will send you alerts if you would like once your food is on it’s way.  My office is a bit tricky to get to, so I did have to speak to the driver to explain how to get to me, but that is to be expected.   It really is a super convenient way to get food delivered.  Uber was so smart to expand this way!

What I Ate

The Halal Guys was the first option listed when I logged into the app.   It was an easy choice for me since this spot has been on my list since it opened in Houston not too long ago.  On their website, the owners describe “American Halal” as a blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors.  I always understood halal to be foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat similar to Kosher restrictions for those of the Jewish faith.  Now their website does not make any mention of this, but I assume the food here meets the halal rules.

Anywho, on to the food.  I ordered the chicken and gyro combo platter which comes with rice, pita, salad and the famous hot and white sauce.  I assume that “gyro meat” is lamb, but google has no specific answers.  Rest assured whatever that meat is, it’s good!  The signature white sauce intrigued me because they seemed to be so proud of it! So I spread it all over everything.  It has a ranch look and consistency, but it is tangier than your typical ranch dressing.  I mixed all of the platter ingredients together and devoured it with my side of pita.  This really is a good hearty dish!  I will have to visit the Halal Guy’s local spot to see the full menu, but for now UberEats delivering it to my office door is a good option!


If you have not tried Uber Eats, it’s time to catch up! It is beyond convenient and they have way too many of your favorites on the menu.  Click the picture below for details on how to download the app and sign up!