When I pulled up to the Tasting Room in Uptown Park for their Oysters and Cocktails event I had an instant flashback to twenty-one year old Erika home for the summer, looking for some adult wine shenanigans to get into!  My high school friends and I decided that the Tasting Room fit the bill and made the trek from Cypress to their uptown location, only to arrive and be overwhelmed with the sophisticated menu and wine options!  We left and went somewhere more age appropriate, like Chili’s.   Thankfully, in the near decade since then I and my palette have matured enough that I can appreciate the Tasting Room! I was grateful for the invite to this event where the Tasting Room introduced their new oyster options and celebrated new cocktails! 


It’s been many years since I have stopped over at the Tasting Room.  I have opted for their neighbor, McCormick and Schmick’s for Happy Hour, but boy have I been missing out.   A few years back the Tasting Room added a large covered patio which pretty much doubled their dining space.  It was a blazing hot day yet the patio was packed thanks to the roof covering and fans.  I happened to arrive during Happy Hour too which let me know that this MAY need to be added to my Happy Hour list soon.  The main dining room features a large bar with tables around it, a smaller bar towards the back and a private event space where the Oysters and Cocktails event was held.


Where do I begin?! Let me start with the oysters.  There was an oyster bar with cooked variations that were not only gorgeous, but tasty as well! I tried the Texas Barbecue version which had a dab of sweet sauce and plenty of cheddar cheese on top.  Up next, was what some call the “Oyster Rockefeller” but I refer to as spinach and artichoke :).  Also oozing with cheese and perfect! Then they laid out a beautiful antipasto spread filled with cheese, fruits and veggies. Everything I tried was great and would be perfect during happy hour.


Beautiful setup!

The oysters :)

The oysters 🙂

Guess who found a pearl in her oyster! ME

Guess who found a pearl in her oyster! ME

My plate after a few nibbles.

My plate after a few nibbles. OH and their snapchat filter! 


The Tasting Room has been known for their wine selection since entering the Houston restaurant scene, but only recently acquired a full liquor license.  With that, they can now serve cocktails in addition to the wine!  As you would expect, the Tasting Room is going for the fresh craft cocktails which include fresh ingredients and fruit accents that are prepared right in front of you.  I tried the crowd pleaser the Whiskey Sour.  The interesting part about this drink is the addition of egg whites which requires the bartender to hand shake it for several minutes.  Then you get the pretty foam on top of your drink! It was a great high end cocktail that others around me seemed to enjoy as well.


This was a great event that reintroduced me to the Tasting Room.  I shall be back for more oysters and cocktails!