For Father’s Day my family and I enjoyed brunch at Lucille’s in the Medical District.  I have written about Lucille’s before, so I will be brief, but anytime I enjoy a great brunch I feel obligated to share! Since my father is a vegan, picking restaurants that meet his diet can be tricky.   A few months back we had a great lunch at Lucille’s primarily because my dad was able to order about ten different things off the menu, all of which were amazing.  It seemed fitting that we take him back there to celebrate him on his special day! Here is the rundown of Brunch at Lucille’s!


The Menu!

The Drinks

Lucille’s had their full bar menu available with typical bare fare like the Pimm’s Cup.  Then the brunch menu offers sangria and mimosas with a bottomless option if you are feeling a little lushy.


The personification of Black Girls Who Brunch.

The Food

My mother, sister and I ordered the croissant french toast with chicken wings.  The french toast is literally a buttery croissant, sliced in half, dipped in egg batter and fried up to golden goodness!   I love croissants on their own, but it was truly genius to transform them into french toast!  Then the chicken.  Lucille’s touts itself as a restaurant that specializes in Southern cuisine.  If you want to stay true to this type of cuisine, you certainly need to have some ON POINT fried chicken! *Pauses for emphasis* trust me when I say, Lucille’s is winning in the fried chicken game.  It is seasoned to through and through as well as the perfect crispiness.  This just may be some of the best fried chicken in town.


Croissant French Toast with Wings

We also ordered the signature hot rolls because why not.  The owner named the restaurant after his grandmother, Lucille. These hot rolls happen to be her recipe! Despite the rolls being produced in a restaurant setting, they still maintain the “made with love in your grandmother’s kitchen” feel.  They are soft with just enough sweetness to win me over.  Plus the rolls did not even need butter!  I loved the french toast, but the hot rolls and chicken would have been a great combination as well.

Lucille's Hot Rolls

Lucille’s Hot Rolls

For the vegan in the crew, he had the watermelon salad, fried green tomatoes and Veggie Benedict hold the poached egg. Pretty much all of it was gone so I’m going to guess he enjoyed it!


This is probably my fourth visit to Lucille’s and each time it gets better and better!  It is slowly becoming one of my favorite Houston restaurants for lunch, dinner and brunch!