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Save your money and clear your schedule! It’s that time of the year again, Houston Restaurant Weeks!!!!! Every year Houston’s best and greatest restaurants partner up with the Houston Food Bank for a fundraiser that benefits a worthy cause.  For anywhere from $25-45 you can enjoy the top of the line restaurants in Houston and best of all $4-7 of your purchase goes to Houston Food Bank.  This will be my fourth year partaking in this month long event.  What I like most, is that it is a great opportunity to try some budget buster restaurants, especially steak houses.

TIPS and FYIs 

  • Please note that it is called Houston Restaurant WeekS, meaning it goes on for more than just a week.  The event typically goes on for the month of August, but this year, the food gods blessed us and extended it through September 7th.
  • A portion of what you spend on your meal goes to the Houston Food Bank, a worthy cause. So you can justify your dining out budget in August as for a good cause.
  • Check to see if the place requires a reservation to partake in the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu. Some places require it and will not accept walk-ins.  This year the event website denotes places that allow walk-ins.
  • When you make your reservation let them know you are using the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu because some places will not allow you to use the menu if you do not tell them ahead. I am not sure what the logic behind this is, but it happened to me last year so going forward I will also note that I am here for Restaurant Weeks menu.
  • A lot of places do not really publicize that they are participating in the Houston Restaurant Weeks event so be sure to ask for the specific menu before ordering.
  • Some places create new items for the event, so make sure to check some of your favorite restaurants to see what they are offering.  One of my favorites, Max’s Wine Dive typically has some good special items just for Houston Restaurant Weeks.
  • Most places stay true to the meaning of the event, it is for charity so they do not skimp.  But, be weary of places that offer smaller portions for the event.  I have never experienced it, but some of my friends have.  Again, it is for charity and I am sure it is a tax write off so restaurants do not offer less than the norm!
  • From me glancing through the menus, looks like more places are $45 this year as opposed to the typical $35.
My three courses from III Forks last year. They had a great menu and great service.

My three courses from III Forks last year. They had a great menu and great service, I may go back again!

Table on Post Oak had a great lunch menu last year.

Table on Post Oak had a great lunch menu last year.

Here are some of the places I am eyeing this year.  I doubt I make it to all of them, but I certainly will try.

  • Brooklyn Athletic Club – I passed this place recently and it looked really cute.  Their menu looks pretty good too.
  • Peli Peli – I saw a picture of an entree from there and have been trying to go ever since.
  • Prohibition Supperclub & Bar- I love the concept and now is a great time to try it out.
  • Punk’s Simple Southern Food – Their menu seems to have good ol comfort food and you cannot go wrong with that.
  • The Oceanaire Seafood Room – Only heard great reviews about this place, therefore it makes the list.
  • Vic & Anthony’s or Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House – It will be one or the other if I decide to go for a steak house.
  • Drexel House – I have been passing this place since it was built in Highland Village, might need to stop by with the great menu they have.
  • B&B Butchers – Yes I want to go there AGAIN. Their menu does not include anything I had at the menu tasting, so it is a chance to try even more of their menu.
  • 51Fifteen Restaurant & Lounge – I went here for brunch last year and looks like they have added some new stuff to this years’ menu so I will be back.
  • Urban Kitchen – This place looks super cute from the street and looks like they have a good menu.
  • Zelko Bistro – Several people have recommended this place, so now is as good a time as any.