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In search of a cute coffee shop to do some work in I stopped over at Common Bond Cafe & Bakery. I have passed it countless times on Westheimer and was drawn to how cute the place looks with the large windows that allow you to view much of the restaurant from the street.  Once inside you see that it lives up to it’s street appeal.



Pics from inside Common Bond

The kitchen closes at 3pm and unfortunately by the time we got there around 5pm on a Sunday most of the bakery items were gone. I was really hoping for a croissant, but *sighs* I bet they are the first to go.  I grabbed a macaron and discovered that I do not like macarons, so that was a fail. But I enjoyed my Mexican Coca-Cola.  My friend had the yogurt parfait which came in this cute container.  He said it was pretty good and since he finished it off, I’m going to take his word for it.  I will go back during breakfast or brunch hours so I can experience the whole menu, but if you just like cute venues like myself, Common Bond gets two thumbs up.

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Our Snacks; ironically we aren’t big coffee drinkers.

Common Bond was not really conducive to working so we went next door to Agora.  It’s honestly the perfect coffee shop to work in. The one downfall is that it is hard to find a seat there, but we basically hovered around a guy hogging a four top for just himself.  He eventually left and we swooped in.  I only wish I could have stayed longer.  Unlike Common Bond they had tons of snacks available and they are open late.  I will definitely be back there.



That’s me, typing at the speed of light. 

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