What is group dining you ask? A birthday dinner.  Perhaps a baby shower.  A large group dinner just cause.  Heck even a wedding or reception is a possibility at some of these places.  If you want to dine with more than 10 people, have a private or semi-private room with a pre-fixe menu, these are some restaurants to consider with my list of Houston’s Best Group Dining Spots.

Rather than updating my previous list, it seemed easier to just make a new one.   There are a lot of places that still make the cut offering vibes, great food and accommodating to guests.  Others sadly have closed making room for tons of new great options.   I also love that this list includes a lot of Black Owned restaurants which is a development since my 2017 list!



THE Houston Itinerary- Lucille's 2

Catfish and Grits

One of my favorite Houston restaurants offers a couple of options for larger groups or private dining.  First they have the upstairs area which can be rented for a private event for up to 60 people.   The space will make you feel like you are in a home, very intimate.  You can also rent the entire restaurant or their back patio.   Here, guests can enjoy soul food classics like fried chicken, mac & cheese along with some fun spins like their oxtail tamales.


Located in Montrose, Brasil is essentially a coffee shop while they do serve food including a great pizza.  I added it to the list mainly because of their patio area.  It’s beautiful and can be rented for events including weddings according to their website!



The Rose Cocktail from Le Colonial

A beautiful Vietnamese restaurant located in the River Oaks District, LeColonial offers guests a few options if they are seeking a more private dining space.  First, you can book their beautiful veranda which is designed to model spaces in Asia.  If you want a more traditional dining space, there is also a private room upstairs in the restaurant as well.  Most importantly, they have delicious flavorful dishes.

Guard and Grace

Guard and Grace Lobby

When it opened, Guard and Grace quickly became one of my favorite downtown restaurants.  It is a pretty traditional steakhouse with a lot of wow features in the design.  If you are looking to host a large group for an event or a dinner, it just may be one of the best spots in Houston for it.  Their upstairs area has plenty of private rooms plus a bar.   During my last visit, the manager shared that they are popular for holiday Christmas parties especially given their downtown location.


Dining Space in Mad

Located in the River Oaks District, MAD serves tapas that are very reminiscent of the dishes I ate while in Madrid!  Not only is the food great (and shareable) but the space is very fun and different.   MAD is a great option if you want something out of the ordinary for an event or dinner.   They do also offer a private dining space, connected to their main dining room.

Hungry’s Upstairs

Mimosa flight

Downstairs is fine, but I think the best spot is the upstairs bar and patio which is limited to the 21+ crowd.  The space is cute and provides great views of Rice Village.  Here, you could host a great happy hour event or brunch.

B&B Butchers

Steak with Carpet Bagger

The carpet bagger topping on a steak. (a signature dish from B&B Butcher)

A long time fave of mine, B&B Butchers is one of our best local steakhouses.  For private events, the upstairs space is perfect and offers guests great views of downtown Houston.  They continue to upgrade the patio to make it more comfy especially during the Houston heat.   Here, you can enjoy brunch, lunch and a dinner party.


Owned by chef Aaron Bludorn, this concept is one of Houston’s most celebrated new restaurants.  It is beautiful and will remind you of some of the nicest east coast places.   If you are looking for a more elevated dining experience, Bludorn is a great option.  They offer private dining spaces that can accommodate a good sized group.


This fun champagne bar located in River Oaks is the perfect spot for a birthday brunch.  They have a private room off the main dining room and can support larger groups with their large tables in the main dining room.  During your visit, make sure to purchase bottles for the table so you can do their “ABOUZY” cheer!

Traveler’s Table

Now, admittedly this is the only place on the list that I have not gotten to visit personally yet, but my friends have raved about it.  Their unique menu makes it a good pick for those looking for something different.  Brunch includes dishes like Japanese Ube Pancakes and Breakfast Bread Pudding.  I mean where else can you get that?!



This beautiful new black owned space downtown is sure to impress guests.   The main dining room has spaces that are primarily for smaller dining groups, 2-4 guests, however they are building additional private dining spaces that guests can reserve.  Upstairs there is a beautiful speakeasy hidden behind a bookcase.  There is also a large private dining space that is under construction on the main floor, plus a patio upstairs.  Here guests can enjoy great cocktails and typical steakhouse fare.


Corn bread with a dollop of butter with honey drizzle

Located off of Buffalo Speedway, Eunice has space for a 24 person private dinner.  They are known for their Cajun-Creole cuisine which includes a variety of oysters and a great cornbread.

Brennan’s Houston

The entire restaurant (upstairs and downstairs) is segmented into rooms that feels more like a home than a restaurant, as such they are uniquely situated to offer guests private or semi private dining options for events or large parties.  They also have a beautiful patio that looks a lot like New Orleans fitting their cuisine.


White bowl of shrimp and grits

A truly underrated brunch spot in the Heights!  Savoir serves up one of my favorite shrimp and grits dishes in town.  My first visit though happened to be a work Christmas party in their private room.  Since then, during each of my visits the private room and patio has been booked for some type of party.  With that said, if it’s on your list, book it fast!


I recently attended a baby shower hosted here, and there happened to be several events including another baby shower the same day. We were in the open area near the large mural offering guests a more semi private space.  They also have a private room if that is what you prefer.


Juliet Restaurant

Located near the Galleria area, Juliet is a Black owned restaurant with a movie theater facade outside.  It is setup somewhat like a speakeasy with a movie theater lobby as you enter which quickly opens up to a full service restaurant.  Juliet is a smaller space, however it does have semi-private spaces and a patio which are perfect for a gathering.


Bread pudding with scoop of ice cream

Warwick’s Bread Pudding

Across the street from Juliet, you’ll find another Black owned restaurant, Warwick located in the the former Houstons.   If you were a Houstons fan, it will feel familiar, but elevated.  Guests can dine on great American fare here and enjoy semi private space made up of large booths that can accommodate up to 16.  Or, enjoy the beautiful patio area for up to 40 people.

Brenner’s On the Bayou

I attended a goodbye party here and it truly was the perfect location for a larger group with great views of the bayou.  Guests can reserve the patio area for private events here too.

State of Grace

One of my go to brunch spots, because the bar is so comfy!  For a more formal gathering though you can rent out a few of their spaces including their oyster bar.  This round room kind of reminds me of an old school sun room. It’s a unique space if you are looking for something different.

Tiny No 5

I would be remiss if I did not include the place I held my own 30th birthday party, Tiny No 5.  There is a private room with it’s own entrance that can seat about 20 seated guests.  Tiny’s has a garden vibe which lends to the vibe that I see many do for baby showers and bridal showers.

Davis Street

Cocktail in metal cup

Davis Street is truly one of my favorite restaurants in Houston.   Helmed by Chef Holley, guests can expect a high level of service plus a menu that focuses a lot on seafood.  There is a private room near the bar area and they have also sectioned off a portion of the main dining room for private parties I attended there.

Steak and Eggs

Toro Toro

Toro Toro Signature Dessert

Corn Cake one of their signature desserts

Located in the Four Seasons, Toro Toro is a huge Pan Latin Steakhouse with tons of great food options, including a tomahawk which is my sister’s favorite dish.   The space is beautiful and has a lot of rooms that can accommodate any size party.  I recently visited for a birthday dinner and they sat us at a large table in the middle of the action.    Bonus, make a stop at the speakeasy, Bandista inside of Toro Toro.  It is reservation only and they book up fast. It’s not ideal for a large groups, so I would stop there with a few guests and meet the larger group afterwards.

Hand holding yellow and pink cocktail with lemon slice and bar in background

The Takeaway

Many of these rooms are booked early especially on the weekend, so plan ahead.   If you are looking for a brunch, start with this list as many of them also serve weekend brunches (51fifteen, A’Bouzy, Lucilles, B&B Butchers, Tiny No 5 and Davis Street for example.) Also, be sure to read their rules regarding group bookings.  Some will add automatic gratuity while others will not allow you to split checks.  Come prepared and have a great time!