A trip to Vegas seems like a right of passage for American travelers.  It’s like the introduction into traveling around the country.  My first few visits happened in my early twenties and I thought it was EVERYTHING.  Ten years have passed since my last visit to Vegas, but once I heard that Silk Sonic would be performing a residency in Vegas, I knew it was time for my return!  I have long referred to Vegas as a weekend city and initially planned to make it a weekend trip for the concert. Before I could book, my friend said Erika we only need 24 hours for this concert… and I’m here to tell you that you really only need 24 Hours in Vegas as well.  Check out all we managed to do and see in that short period of time.

Where We Stayed

Paris Hotel

Staying on the strip is a must in my opinion and I prefer to stay at the center of the strip too where all the fun stuff is.  I found a decent deal for the Paris Hotel on Hotels.com and booked it because again, just 24 hours!  We landed around 8am and headed straight to the hotel with hopes of checking in earlier than the standard 3pm time.  Thankfully for a small fee of about $50 we were able to check in early.

I feel like I was in the hotel for just a blink of time so I can’t say too much about it.  Within the hotel though there is now a Nobu (the better one is across the street at Caesar’s), a Vanderpump Cocktail Garden (one of my fave housewives of all time), plus tons of Paris attractions like the Eiffel Tower which are pretty good replicas.  The rooms were also nice and again the location is great.

Where We Ate

This is where your 24 hours fails you, you really can only get a few good meals in.   We wanted to do a buffet, pandemic be damned! I googled for the best brunch buffet and the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars popped up.  We made it there just as they opened and were overwhelmed with all of the great options.  There was pretty much every type of cuisine there from seafood to Mexican food and also Asian cuisine.  A full dessert bar, bottomless mimosas and then made to order stations too.  The buffet was about $70 not including the mimosas, but I gotta say it was worth it!  Highly recommend.

Cooked Pig

A dessert platter

For dinner we searched Opentable for an open reservation at the last minute and found Julian Serrano Tapas in the Aria.  It’s nextdoor to the more popular instagram friendly spot Catch (here is my review from their LA location) and also happened to be connected to the concert venue making it the perfect dinner spot.   We opted for entrees (lobster and steak) and really enjoyed our food.

Steak with lobster mashed potatoes and asparagus

What We Did

It was in those 24 hours that I realized that Vegas does not really have much going on.  Since it had been ten years since my last visit, I thought there would be something new!  It was all the same in my opinion.   A few new hotels that shied away from the kitschy Vegas themes and some new restaurants.  That’s it.

Las Vegas Sign

Made our way down to the sign, don’t walk there it’s a FAR walk

My visit did happen to be the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby so I did bet on a horse and won a few coins there!  That was fun.  I gambled on a slot machine for ten minutes, but once I hit my last two dollars, it was time to go!

The Concert

I have been trying to see Bruno Mars in concert for years!  He sold out at the Rodeo too fast, his show at Essence got cancelled in 2020 and then the world had to sit down for a few years.   Once I saw that he was going to be in Vegas performing under the Silk Sonic name, I knew I had to get there and it was all worth it!

Bruno is probably the best performer of our time.  He is SANGING the whole time.  Has the nerve to hop on the drums at some points and then grab his guitar at later parts.  Then he has to remind you that he is also a dancer. The show also intertwines earlier works from Bruno and Anderson Paak, plus adds in some throwback songs from Earth Wind and Fire.   It was hands down the best concert I have ever been to.  And I have nothing to show for it other than a tshirt because they lock up your phones during the performance.   Generally I’m mad about stuff like this, but that day it was worth it.