I know you guys love a low-key, best kept secret spot as much as I do!  I recently discovered a new one, Neo Baguette located in the Heights.  The setup and cuisine is enough to make this spot not so secret soon enough. Check the details of my lunchtime visit below.

The Location and Setup

Neo Baguette -3

After receiving an invite from the team at Neo Baguette, I decided to make a lunchtime visit during the work week to try it out.   I took Main Street all the way from downtown to the Heights and made it there in no time.  Perfect for those of us with hour long lunch breaks.  For those who live in the Heights, Neo Baguette is the perfect neighborhood gem for relaxing weekend lunches or quick weekday dinners.

As far as the setup, guest enjoy a dedicated parking lot at Neo Baguette.  That automatically raises their rating in my book!  Once inside, guests are greeted by cute, cozy restaurant with great natural lighting. True to the cafe style, guests order at the counter and then take their seats at the tables or the booths around the perimeter of the restaurant.

To me, all of this makes Neo Baguette a great place to get some work done outside of the office.  They have wifi, a full coffee bar plus it’s BYOB! Now I know that last one is not really conducive to “working”, but just thought I’d throw that little tidbit in there.

The Food

The cuisine is primarily French inspired with Moroccan influences, an ode to the owner’s home country.  During my visit I tried the Salad Nicose, Moroccan Spiced Spinach and the Tagliatelle Saumon Fume.  The salad is one of their signature salads and features two types of tuna including seared ahi tuna.  I am pretty simple when it comes to salads, often opting for just lettuce and dressing.   This salad is definitely not the salad I would typically go for, but I gotta say I did enjoy it!

Neo Baguette -1

Next up, my pasta dish! This dish is usually only served on the dinner menu, but they were kind enough to let me try it during lunch time.  I consider myself a pasta fanatic (I’m about to make some after I finish writing this post matter fact!).  With all of the pasta dishes I’ve eaten, I’ve never had a salmon pasta, so I did not really know what to expect.  In the end, I loved the flavor profiles! The salmon, fresh pasta, plus gruyere cheese came together really well.  I highly recommend this dish.

Then finally, my favorite dish was the spinach.  I’ve sautéed spinach too many times to count.  Added the pepper, onions and fresh garlic and thought it was perfect.  Well let me tell you, Neo Baguette takes those elements and takes them up a notch with lemon and Moroccan seasonings like cumin.   The spinach is amazing.  In fact, I even mixed my leftover spinach in to my pasta, just cause I love spinach in pasta.  It was a great combination.

Neo Baguette -10

The Takeaway

More than anything, I enjoy shining the spotlight on smaller locally owned restaurants on this platform.  They often create unique dishes that are delicious and make you feel at home during your visits!  Neo Baguette hits the mark on all of those points.  So go ahead and add them to your must try list.