So listen, you know that I eat out a lot.  My dining adventures are what led you to this here blog! As you can imagine, this is not the easiest lifestyle and the deeper I get in to my thirties, getting summer time fine ain’t as easy as it used to be!  In fact, I am always on the hunt for great dining experiences that do not overdo it on the calorie intake.  That is what I have always counted on Seasons 52 for, good dining experiences that are portioned well and dare I say healthy?  So when Seasons 52 invited me out to try their new summer menu I jumped at the chance to experience the Seasons 52 Summer Menu!

The Drinks

Seasons 52 Summer Menu -3

The cocktails

Seasons 52’s summer drink menu is dedicated to rosé including a few seasonal rosé cocktails!  My sister and I ordered the Rosé Lemonade and Rosé Sangria.  Both cocktails are under 2o0 calories!  I found my cocktail to be light and refreshing.  If cocktails are not your thing, look out for Lisa Vanderpump’s Rosé at Seasons 52 locations this summer.

The Food

Here is where I probably got myself in trouble.  I tried a little bit of everything.  But I have to blame you all for this because I always grab more options for the sake of the blog!   My sister ordered plenty too.   To begin, the chef brought us an amuse bouche made with salmon.  This bite sized hors d’oeuvre was tasty and refreshing!

Seasons 52 Summer Menu -11

For appetizers we focused on items featured specifically from the summer menu.  We started with a roasted corn, bacon and cheddar flat bread.  A great light appetizer with quite a bit of flavor. Next we ordered the shrimp and avocado cocktail.  The shrimp is served on a skewer with an avocado dipping sauce.  The shrimp was seasoned perfectly and the sauce is a good for those who love avocado.

Flatbread Seasons 52

The flatbread

Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail

Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail

The Seasons 52 menu includes the calories and generally that makes me feel guilty.  Here, not so much.  The entree that I wanted, the bistro steak, was only 460 calories.  I quickly snatched that up and then added a side of mac and cheese.  Simply because I cannot go anywhere without trying their mac and cheese.   I really liked both dishes and felt NO guilt eating them.  My waistline thanked me I am sure.   Finally, we could not skip out on the Seasons 52 desserts.  The mini indulgences are the perfect size and price.   Be sure to get the s’mores!

Bistro Steak potatoes and green beans

The steak dish.

Seasons 52 Summer Menu

The scallops

Mac and Cheese from Seasons 52

Mac and Cheese

Seasons 52 Summer Menu -6

The desserts!

The Takeaway

I’ve seen way too many of y’all claim you are in the midst of a hot girl summer!  That involves making smarter dining choices and the Seasons 52 menu has you covered.  While I label it “healthier” , please do not take healthy here as boring or not tasty.  Seasons 52 is good on just any day even when you are not counting your calories.