*This post was made in collaboration with Zing Zang, but all of the opinions below are my own.  This post also contains affiliate  links*

It is that time of year again!  Where we all rack our brains trying to think of the perfect gifts for family and friends.  With this in mind, I created a short guide the “All I Want for Christmas: Black Girls Who Brunch Holiday Guide” featuring a few of my favorite things. Cue the Oprah gif!


All I Want for Christmas: Black Girls Who Brunch Holiday Gift Guide-3

Becoming Michelle by Michelle Obama – Obviously Auntie Shelly’s record selling book would be top on this list!  I purchased my copy as soon as it came out and although I haven’t gotten to crack it open yet, I know it will live up to the hype!

Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy – After seeing the movie in theaters I have become obsessed with this book series! I am currently in the middle of book two.  I highly recommend this series for those who like romance novels and/or books set in different countries.

All I Want for Christmas: Black Girls Who Brunch Holiday Gift Guide-2

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones – I’ve been a fan of Tayari Jones since her book Silver Sparrow and I gotta say she hit it out of the park with her latest book.

Black Girl Baking by Jerelle Guy – Simply because I am a black girl who loves to bake so I can easily get behind this cookbook.

Kitchen Things

Dutch Oven – I am a generation behind on this, but I just got my hands on a dutch oven and it’s my favorite new tool in my kitchen!  I purchased the Cocinaware version from HEB for just $22 bucks!  You can also pick up comparable version for a bit more through Amazon.

Sous Vide – This was probably on my list last Christmas too, but seeing as I didn’t get one lets add it back! The sous vie allows  you to control the temperature of the food while it cooks in a vacuum sealed bag.  Everyone keeps saying it makes the best meat ever.  So family and friends if you are reading this :).

Travel Things

Away Suitcase –  Listen, if you really want to impress the traveler in your life buy them this suitcase! Hardshell suitcases with four wheels are what everyone has now, but the away suitcase has a phone charger.  Everyone seems to huddle around the one plug at the airport, so this is definitely a big plus.

Map – Think of purchasing a globe or a map for your favorite traveling fun.  Bonus points if you find a scratch off one that allows them to track their travels!

Airline Gift card-  While it may not amount to the whole price of a flight a $50 gift card on Southwest for example would be much appreciated.

Tech Things

Canon EOS Rebel T6 – I cannot say enough about my new camera! I am still learning the manual settings, but for a novice this camera has great “point and shoot” functions.  It will also really step up your photos! Note that mine is not the newest one on the market so I got it for a steal. You can even pick up a refurbished one too.

Gift Kits

For my more creative gift givers, consider bundling some fun items together to make a kit.

All I Want for Christmas: Black Girls Who Brunch Holiday Gift Guide-5

Margarita or Bloody Mary Kit with Zing Zang products – Zing Zang produces great pre-made margarita or blood mary mixes.  For this kit, grab a bottle of Zing Zang, throw in a bottle of champagne or tequila and then add in some cute margarita glasses.  Some limes and salt would be a great touch too.

Cookie Kit – For those who bake like me, throwing together a kit of cookie supplies would be a winner.  Add in your basics like flour and sugar etc, but then make it festive with cookie cutters (or press) and sprinkles.   A baker will always appreciate some new cookie sheets, cookie scoopers and a roll of parchment paper.   May I suggest a recipe card featuring these great Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Cookies.


If you have some fun gift ideas for this holiday season, be sure to drop them in the comments!