*This post is sponsored by #FeedaBee, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!*

Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting the Feed A Bee event at Sur La Table in celebration of National Honey Bee Day!  Our visit was full of education on the importance of honey bees, a great cooking class and of course food!  Read along for all of the details on Feed a Bee at Sur La Table.

What is Feed A Bee?

Feed A Be at Sur La Table-7

Created by Bayer, the Feed A Bee initiative aims at ensuring that we protect honey bees which are essential to our food system.  There are many aspects of this initiative, but one of the keys ones is protecting the food sources for honey bees! To do so, Feed A Bee works to plant more flowers to create additional forage acreage so that honey bees can thrive with more food sources.

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Why should we care? Well honey bees are responsible for a lot of foods that we know and love.  Chief among them of course is honey.  As pollinators, honey bees also benefit the growth of other foods like almonds, tomatoes, vanilla, zucchini, paprika, citrus, apples and grapes.  When you consider these types of contributions, you the importance of protecting honey bees!  It is very much the circle of life! *cues the Lion King*

To learn more about how you can get involved, head to the Feed A Bee website!

The Cooking Class

Sur La Table is one of my go to stops when the cooking urge hits me. While I have always wanted to take one of their cooking classes, I never got the chance to until now! Our menu for the day centered around honey dishes and foods that benefit from pollinators.  We started with a honey glazed lemon almond cake for dessert, then a seared steak with honey-red wine gastrique plus roasted zucchini fries with honey barbecue dipping sauce.

eed A Be at Sur La Table-4

Prep for the zucchini fries!

Feed A Be at Sur La Table-8

Final product! The zucchini (which benefits from pollinators!) is breaded in panko and includes a honey bbq sauce

Cooking classes at Sur La Table feature a state of the art kitchen and include valuable cooking tips.  The class took about two hours and in the end, we were able to dine on all of the items we cooked.  For more information on the Sur La Table cooking classes check out their website.

Feed A Be at Sur La Table-9

The beautiful honey glazed lemon almond cake! Lemons are another fruit that benefits from honey bee pollinators!

Feed A Be at Sur La Table-5

Our beautiful steak before the glaze was added.

The Takeaway

Cooking classes are generally a good time and this one did not disappoint! The focus on honey bees only added to the fun. If this post has you thinking about honey be sure to check out my Sweet Potato Honey Cornbread recipe :).