Every few months a new hot spot pops up, someone deems it “Instagram Worthy” then all of the bloggers flock there to take pictures for the gram to impress our followers.  Please know that I am not throwing that shade at anybody but myself because I did JUST this over the weekend.  I grabbed some girlfriends and went to Houston’s newest bar Present Company, so I can tell y’all ALL of the tea before you trek over there and spend your coins!

The Setup

Present Company -2

I always thought the previous establishment Royal Oak was fine and was shocked when they closed it.  Prime location near Westheimer and Montrose.  It had it’s own parking lot and even patio space.  Well the owners of the restaurant demonstrated why they are in this business and I am not.  Royal Oak has been transformed in to a colorful inviting space that will be your go to Sunday Funday spot for months to come.

Present Company -3

The back patio area.

Present Company -5

Everyone’s favorite backdrop

The renovation expanded the patio area tenfold adding a two story patio on the side of the building.  Upstairs now has it’s own bar that looks down below and the back patio includes Instagram worthy walls.  Did I mention that the whole place is splashed with so much color! It is perfect and whole photoshoots will be taken here.  I know this because my friends and I totally had our own!

Present Company-1

Under-appreciated, the walls that are covered in plants! Makes for a great selfies.

The Food and Drinks

This may come as a surprise for some of you guys, but Present Company sells food and drinks! Yes, it’s not just a backdrop for your photos and here is the bigger secret, the food is actually good! On Saturdays and Sundays they have a pretty legit brunch menu with a lot more to pick from than other bars.   I ordered a brisket taco, hold the egg.  Gotta say it was seasoned well and piled high with brisket.  There also pizzas and tons of other brunchy items.

Present Company -6

Brisket taco!

Similar to their predecessor, Present Company offers mimosa carafes for a $12. If you are feeling fancy grab the blackberry or peach version.   They also have great cocktails including two that are served in the large La Croix bottle! So the creativity goes just beyond the decor.  Points for them!

Present Company -9

Blackberry mimosas!

Present Company -10

One of the La Croix cocktails!

Present Company -11

Another on brand cocktail!

The Takeaway

Present Company -7

I have no clue what I was doing with my hand here LOL

Present Company really is as cute as those Instagram photos indicate! Go and take your whole photoshoot then stay awhile for a cocktail and brunch!   Oh pleas note that Tuesday is steak night.  Wednesday is marketed as a pinot & pies because guests receive a free pizza with the purchase of a bottle of wine.