I cannot recall the last time I attended an event and had SO much fun that I rushed home to write a blog post to share with you all!  Last night, I had the pleasure of visiting the soon to open, Susie Cakes Bakery in Rice Village for a tasting.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I LOVE cakes and consider myself an amateur baker.   So I obviously jumped at the opportunity to go behind the curtain at a real bakery.   Then they added wine too? It was a full blown party!  To live vicariously through me, read along for all the details on Susie Cakes!

The Concept

Susie Cakes-12

Say hi to Susie the brains behind this bakery!

Probably one of the coolest parts about last night was the fact that Susie herself was there share with us all of the details of her bakery.   Throughout the evening I felt like I was sitting in Susie’s kitchen listening to stories about her grandmothers rather than her ever expanding business!  Before you ask, yes Susie’s bakery comes to us from the West Coast.  While I know that us Texans tend to turn our noses up at costal implants, Susie’s midwestern roots shine through!  As a native of Chicago, her recipes and set up have a Midwestern sensibility that appeals to Texans as well.  Also, the beautifully decorated space with her trademark “Susie blue” and pink accents feels more like a neighborhood bakery than a franchise transplant.  This combination plus some BOMB cakes works well.

A few other points that I loved and wanted to share.  Susie’s has about 85% women employees throughout all their locations.  Expounding on that, Susie’s finds that a good work/life balance is important especially for women.  So at Susie Cakes, they do not stay open super late to ensure their staff can enjoy their lives.  The company also has cool programs like “pet reimbursement” when staff members adopt pets and free treats for kids with great grades!  They also are committed to the communities in which the locations reside through donating to local organizations etc.

The Cakes!

Susie’s focuses on natural ingredients for the cakes, pies, cookies and cupcakes.   During our tasting, Susie told us “If the ingredient was not used back when my grandmothers were baking, then we do not use at Susie’s.”  Over the course of the night, I learned how valuable that focus on ingredients is as we tried seven cakes each paired with a different wine.

Luscious Lemon Cake

Susie Cakes-2

Luscious Lemon Cake. Check out that layer of Lemon Curd!

We started with the Luscious Lemon Cake, a vanilla cake with a lemon curd, vanilla butter cream and sanding sugar.  Here is an instance where the fresh ingredients were apparent as the fresh lemon shined through strongly.  Susie paired this cake with a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.  Perfection.

Tropical Coconut Cake

Susie Cakes-1

The Coconut Cake.

The base of this cake is also a vanilla cake with coconut filling and pineapple accents.  There is also a coconut buttercream and shredded coconut.  Now I am NOT a fan of anything coconut but for the sake of this blog I tried it.  The flavors were certainly on point especially with the pineapple edition.  If you like coconut cakes, this will be your fave.  We sampled this with a prosecco.

Vanilla Celebration Cake

Susie Cakes-5

My favorite! *throws confetti*

Susie Cakes-6

Susie’s most popular cake and my favorite, is a vanilla cake with sugar confetti and blue colored buttercream icing.  I LIVE for a plain vanilla cake and considering that it made me dance while eating it, that is a win!  Some folks will say, I am boring for preferring plan vanilla cakes.  Susie added that the vanilla/vanilla cake at an bakery is telling because you will be able to note the quality of the ingredients etc.  So see, I was being smart all along.  We dined on my favorite cake with a dessert wine.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Susie Cakes-11

The Carrot Cake.

Once again, I am picky BUT I had to try every cake.  The carrot cake is packed with golden raisins, tons of carrots, pecans and a praline filling.  I went for the cake part to ensure the typical spice like flavor was there and it IS.  Again, if you like carrot cake this one will certainly win you over.  We enjoyed this cake with a nice Riesling.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting

Susie Cakes-10

The Red Velvet Cake

Susie Cakes-3

Red Velvet cakes are some of my faves! This one was no exception, it is a moist cake that is a lighter red than some others around town which I took to mean less cocoa.  I would call this a good traditional red velvet cake that sticks to the rules.  The red velvet cake was paired with a sparkling red.

Marble Cake

Susie Cakes-9

The Marble Cake! Check out the alternating buttercreams .

Susie said this cake is best for those who cannot make up their minds between chocolate and vanilla.  This cake takes it up a notch with the addition of chocolate chips through out.  I also liked that it combined vanilla and chocolate buttercream.  I always appreciate that type of balance.  We sipped on a wonderful pinot noir with this cake.

Old Fashioned 6-Layer Chocolate Cake

Susie Cakes-4

Six Layers of Goodness.

Y’all are probably tired to just reading about all the cakes I tried.  I truly paced myself throughout understanding this was a marathon not a sprint!  By the last cake, I was grateful I had because I would have been UPSET if I did not have the stomach capacity to devour this beauty.  Y’all… if you are a chocolate cake lover, I’ma need you to make your way over to Susie’s for this cake.  It’s SO moist and has the perfect level of chocolate flavor in the buttercream and the cake.  At a food blogger event I tried just about every chocolate cake worth having in the city and I feel confident in saying this one is right at the top!

The Takeaway

I know that is a lot, but I mean I could not skip out on any of those cakes in my write up.  The cakes we sampled are the speciality layer cakes that will be featured every day at the Houston location.  Guests can purchase by the slice or purchase the whole cake to go.  If you are purchasing for a birthday etc, they can decorate the cake on the spot for you.  They also have super decorations stocked in store.

Susie Cakes-7

This Saturday, December 9th starts the Grand Opening Celebration!  There will be tons of prizes and giveaways so if you are in the Rice Village area you should definitley stop by!  Be sure to bring the kiddos because there will be plenty of activities for them as well.