So I like to travel, shocking I know!  For me, planning a trip can take months.  After I have scored my flight, I begin in-depth research about the new place I am going.  Most folks go to your big travel websites like Trip Advisor for reviews and guidance. I do too, because they are very helpful, but my favorite source of travel advice? Other bloggers! I honestly spend more time now searching Pinterest and my friends’ blogs looking for information for my next trip.  I decided to share the wealth and drop a Travel Guides Roundup featuring my fellow Houston Bloggers!

Taste and See Life – The Hill Country

Taste & See Life Hill Country

Michelle’s photos from her trip are AMAZING. Head over to her blog to see more. Photo courtesy of Taste & See Life.

Michelle from Taste and See Life goes a bit of everywhere, but I think my favorite travel posts from her are road trips to the Texas hill country! Check her out for all things Texas!

Its Pam Del – San Antonio

Pam Del San Antonio.

Look at this FOOD! Photo Courtesy of It’s Pam Del.

Fashion blogger, It’s Pam Del has been adding several travel guides over the last few weeks including a trip to San Antonio. Of course the food and locale are perfect, but the added benefit of Pam’s guides are the family friendly nature of them.  If you are looking for guides that give insight into traveling with kiddos, Pam’s travel guides are for you!

The Corkscrew Concierge – Switzerland

Corkscrew Concierge Switz

Photo Courtesy of Corkscrew Concierge.

As her name implies, the Corkscrew Concierge is the wine expert in our food blogger collective.   As such, many of her trips have been European adventures where wine is the focus.   If you take some time and go through her travel posts you will definitley learn a lot!  Her posts on Switzerland definitely made me add it to bucket list!

Gristle and Gossip- Visit Vancouver and Oakland

Gristle & Gossip Vancover

Vancouver is a beautiful place! Photo Courtesy of Gristle and Gossip.

Gristle and Gossip has the west coast on lock! A couple of years ago she took a trip from Houston to Oakland, San Fran and Napa.  Then made her way up to Seattle and Vancouver. I lived vicariously through her during this trip and you can too by checking out her reviews!

Brunch and Conversation – 3 Days in Monterey, California

Brunch and Conversation Monterey

Check out this beautiful meal! Photo courtesy of Brunch and Conversation.

Brunch and Conversation also has California covered with a post on 3 Days in Monterey, California.  First thing I learned? That Monterey is spelled differently this side of the border :).  But for real though, her review provides such great information about the city and the food.  Be sure to check it out!

En Cocina Mi Hoy – Charleston, South Carolina and Chile

En Mi Cocina Hoy Food

A few bites Pilar picked up in Charleston, South Carolina. Photo courtesy of En Mi Cocina Hoy.

Pilar is an excellent blogger who constantly provides our group a wealth of information about varying blogging topics.  One of the cool things about her blog is that it focuses on foods from her native Chile!  Being from Chile, she has blogged about her trips home and I in turn bookmarked them in case I ever make my way down there.  In addition to her Chile posts, she also has an excellent post about Charleston, South Carolina which is currently on my bucket list! Be sure to check them both out.

2 Girls Who Travel – Mexico, Rome, Detroit

2 Girls Who Travel Italy

Look at this beautiful Italian coastline! Photo courtesy of 2 Girls Who Travel.

As their name implies, these ladies TRAVEL! When I asked for some travel posts for this list, they both were like hmmmm we have so many where to begin?!  You can definitley hit their website for more, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. Like for example, Detroit!  We always hear the negative about this purportedly “dying city” so it was great to see a blog post that focused on the fun touristy things to do there!  Then who doesn’t love a vacay to Mexico?!  Finally, Kim (half of 2 Girls Who Travel), hit Paris, Rome and the Amalifi Coast earlier this year.  Her posts are SO informative and filled with beautiful pictures.  I of course pinned this on Pinterest for future reference and you should too!

Hipster Hotspots – Things to do in Kyoto

Hipster Hotspots Kyoto

Look at this hotel with the mini pods! Be sure to head to Hipster Hotspots to learn more. Photo courtesy of Hipster Hotspots.

Nanja, the curator of Hipster Hotspots, is a Houston transplant via Amsterdam! I always appreciate the insights on those who have lived in so many different countries.  For one, after living in different places they are likely better at adapting to new places as they travel and of course are more willing to travel!  With that said, Hipster Hotspots is a great travel resource as well! My favorite pos of hers though, probably is her review of Kyoto, Japan!  As a food blogger, this post of course highlights where to eat but it also includes places to go!

Bunny Baubles-  Hawaii and London

Bunny Baubles London

The beautiful Buckingham palace in London! Photo courtesy of Bunny Baubles.

Julia of Bunny Baubles is SUCH a great blogger.  I really do read all of her posts so I had to include her on this list.  Her travel guides will provide great information about what to do, see and eat!  Then she even gives a great packing list with links to great deals for the items!  Not to mention, she’s a great photographer.  Enough of my bragging on her, just head over and see for yourself!

Houston Food Fetish- Aruba 

Houston Food Fetish Aruba

I for one cannot wait to see this beach in person! Photo courtesy of Houston Food Fetish.

I am actually planning a family trip to Aruba for next year.  Although Aruba is a small island I was a bit overwhelmed with where to start with planning activities.  I actually looked at all of the major travel websites and got nowhere!  Enter, Osjetta from Houston Food Fetish!  I happened upon her Aruba blog post and was SO relieved to have a good starting place!  Osjetta recapped the Soul Beach Music Festival plus gave me great information on where to eat and the best beaches to visit.

Dash of Jazz- Belize


Snorkeling in Belize, looks pretty amazing! Photo Courtesy of Dash of Jazz.

I had a quick stop over in Belize a few years ago on a cruise.  It was AMAZING!  Now that Southwest flies to Belize from Hobby airport, so many people are making their way there including my friend Jazz from Dash of Jazz!  She recently recapped her trip to Belize and provided tons of tips! Jazz took this trip solo and also provides great tips in that avenue as well!

The Takeaway

As you can see, the Houston Food Blogger Collective has a great group of bloggers in general.  While our main topics generally are food, that just seems to go hand and hand with traveling! So for your next vacation, be sure to take a gander at some of these great bloggers to see if they have a guide for your trip!  Also, if you are interested check out this shared Pinterest Board I created called “Black Girls Who Travel” featuring travel bloggers from around the country! Happy travels guys!