Last week I had the privilege of attending the annual Brunch and Slay brunch hosted at at 51fifteen in Saks 5th Avenue!  As the organization name implies, this event is solely for women who enjoy a good brunch (totally me) and like to slay in the fashion department.  On a basic level it’s an excuse to dress up for a brunch with a fun group of women!  I had such a good time at this event that I had to come back and do a recap!  Check out my Brunch and Slay Recap for all of the fun!

What is Brunch and Slay?

I Brunched and Slayed- Menu

I have followed Brunch and Slay on Instagram from pretty much the beginning.  You add brunch to the name and I am generally sold!  After following for so long, I thought I had a pretty good handle of the concept, but as always seeing it in action adds more value to it! The creator, Ameerah started Brunch and Slay about a year ago with hopes of empowering women.  A cornerstone of the Brunch and Slay events is connecting women with other likeminded women.  For example, Ameerah personally walked around the room and made sure no one was sitting alone.  If she encountered anyone, she scooped them up and introduced them to a group.

Sometimes I find the “empowerment events” fall fault.  Empowering women has to be more than lip service in my opinion. Anyone can take to a podium and say “You can do it! You are worthy!”  Show me something more!  Over the last year I have watched Brunch and Slay grow in to an event powerhouse featuring events on technology with Microsoft, yoga events and even fashion related events. These types of events provide attendees with distinct experiences and valuable takeaways.  Even for the empowering component, the speakers bring a weight of experience that can provide listeners with clear distinct advice rather than generic sayings that you can find on a calendar.  In a world where EVERYONE is hosting brunch events, myself included, I appreciated the thought and weight the Brunch and Slay event that I attended carried.

The Brunch

You guessed it, the brunching part of this whole concept was my favorite part!  Having visited 51fifteen in the past, I was excited to try their brunch!  When we arrived, we learned that Brunch and Slay took over the entire restaurant just for this event.  For this private event, waiters greeted us with appetizers and champagne.  I am not champagne expert, but 51fiteen has a solid champagne.  Be sure to try it on your next brunch visit!


For the food, guests were treated to their choice of entree.  For a brunch menu, 51fifteen provided a lot of heavier lunch type items like chicken and a meatless pasta.  I of course went for the traditional brunch fare with the bananas foster french toast!  The bananas foster sauce was traditional and did not require much syrup.  The bread was not a traditional french toast bread as it appeared to be wheat, but it worked well with the dish.  Overall I enjoyed the dish.

I Brunched and Slayed- Bananas Foster

The french toast!

The Takeaway

I had to skip out a little early to head to another event, but for the time I was there I had a lot of fun!  In a city as large as Houston, it is difficult to find like minded women, especially for black women.   When ever I gather at these events, I encounter women who like me are eager to network and make friends in different fields.  At my table alone, I encountered three wonderful women who each brought a unique experience to the table.   As we grow as women, these experiences are invaluable!  So in short, if you are looking for another source of Houston events consider Brunch and Slay!