Whew! Let’s get back to the business of restaurant reviews shall we? While I worked on my event, I still tried some new places that I want to share with you!  Last week, I revisited Kitchen 713 for a tasting of their new menu items including dinner items and cocktails!  Now, I do not typically post on a restaurant several times, but considering that Kitchen 713 is in a new location and my last post was about brunch, I figured this deserved some attention.  For all of the details about setup and location check out my last post.  To get a peak at the new deliciousness that dinner at Kitchen 713 offers? Keep reading!

The Drinks


Fresh fruit? Good sign!

We started off our private tasting with a few cocktails.  I was impressed with the number of cocktails and the variety as well.  There truly was something for everyone. Before ordering I went up to the bar for pictures and noticed several baskets of fresh fruit present.  That is always a good sign of the cocktails to come!  For my drink, I had the Last Call and let me tell you, it packed a punch for this light weight!


The Last Call, Jalisco and the Smokey Mulatto!


A little close up of the Jalisco!

The Food


Look at this cheesy goodness!


Another view of the oxtail grilled cheese!

We started with a oxtail grilled cheese made with provolone and a pickled collard green.  I remain a child at heart when it comes to grilled cheese and love these things especially in the colder months.  The bread was a step up from the Ms. Baird’s bread my mom used back in the day as it was a nice thick cute and buttered perfectly.  The cheese gave a great cheese pull too so I knew this was that “good cheese.”  Then by adding meat, the dish is heartier and even better.  Hands down one of my favorites of the evening.


The Thai Beef Salad

I could have stopped there, but the next dish the Thai Beef Salad arrived.  This salad has large veggies and a spicy vinaigrette that gives it great flavor.


The Shrimp and Grits!

From there we moved on to the Shrimp and Grits.  If you try nothing at Kitchen 713, be sure to try this dish as it is THE best entree at this spot.  The chefs/owners know it too, because they put this dish on the brunch, lunch and dinner menu.  So no matter when you go, you can order it!  The cheese grits dish is bursting with flavor from the grits to the shrimp themselves.


Watermelon and Tomato Salad

The next dish was the Watermelon Tomato Salad which mixed those components with basil, lemon vinaigrette and feta. This salad was probably the prettiest entree of the day.  I just gawked at it’s beautiful plating because I do not like tomato or watermelon in any form (except ketchup and watermelon jolly ranchers LOL).  Anywho everyone who nibbled on this salad enjoyed it, so I would trust their opinions!


The Hoecakes!

Next up were the Jalapeno Honey Butter Hoecakes, NO that is not a typo.  This dish is a savory pancake topped with smoked fried oysters.  The “syrup” like sauce provides the sweet taste that your mind is expecting with this pancake type dish.  The salt and sweet combo makes for a great dish.


Hot Browns!

We ended the night with the hot brown, a smoked turkey breast sandwich on sour dough bread with bacon added on top. I tried a small piece of this on my way out from the tasting.  Once again, the flavors were certainly there and I imagine when I set down with the full entree I would love it as much as I did the other dishes.

The Takeaway

Kitchen 713 is still hitting it out of the park with flavorful down home cooking.  Here, you will find unique spins on some of your favorites done in a tasteful way of course.  I loved it and cannot wait to go back