I am still floating from yesterday! My brunch event, Brunchin’ with Black Girls Who Brunch went SO well.  Here is a quick recap.  After much encouragement, on June 10th I hosted my very first brunch event at Harold’s in the Heights!  Myself and 39 other ladies met/networked, sipped mimosas, had a photoshoot and dined on good food!  Here are all the dets from the brunch!

My Outfit


*Puts on fashion blogger hat for two seconds*  I loved my outfit! I stepped out of my norm and went for the princess look. The shirt of course was a Black Girls Who Brunch shirt.  I knew I needed a good skirt to go with it, so I went back to Haute Dimensions.  If you recall, my African print skirt from Taste of The NFL was from Haute Dimensions.  So first off when I come to Haute Dimensions, I always feel like I’m going to a store owned by a family member.  They are so nice and welcoming there. The owner helped me find this skirt and I instantly fell in love.  I really shouldn’t be sharing my secret spot because I want to keep it ALL to myself hehehe, but I figure others would love it too so I am sharing!


A Black Girls Who Brunch shirt looks GOOD ON EVERYONE :).

The Swagbag

BGWB-Event- Recap-Gift Bag

The Swag Bag!!!

I probably started to annoy people with my constant posting on snapchat and Instagram about these bags, but I was excited okay?! Can’t fault me for that!  From the beginning I recognized that I needed to do more than just offer this group a good brunch.  You can go to brunch anytime anywhere, without me coordinating.  So swagbags were needed.  I reached out to brands and PR groups that I worked with before and they were all more than willing to offer me great items to include! Here are the bag items:

  • Allied Marketing is amazing! They offered guests tickets to the movie premieres of All Eyez On Me, the Baby Driver and 47 Meters Down.  If the tickets were not enough, guests also went home with some movie swag too!
  • Each guest received a ticket to the Fajita Festival! This event is set for July 22nd and tickets are on sale now!  One special guest walked away with a pair of VIP tickets for the event as well!
  • A yummy homemade strawberry donut from Dash of Jazz.  Be sure to check out her donut recipe on her blog!
  • True Citrus provided a packet full of great items for everyone to try out! True Citrus is a clean label line of beverage flavoring and food seasoning products. I can’t wait to try those myself.
  • Rapunzel’s Potion provided samples of their herbal hair care spray to my guests as well!  You can find out more about the locally owned company here.
  • Harold’s was SUCH an amazing host restaurant. On top of providing a great venue and food they also provided my guests with coupons and a few gift cards to giveaway.
  • My Served Meals, the locally owned prepared meals company provided one lucky winner with a $50 gift card!
  • Foodies must stay in shape as well!  So I raffled off two weeks of free classes for Revolution Studios.  Keep an eye out because I will have a blog out about it soon!

The tables! The swag bags made for great decorations.

For the most part, people seemed to love the swag bags as much as I loved creating them and sharing them!  I feel like the pressure is on to make them even better for my next event, whew!

Check out this video from my friend Kenya breaking down everything in her bag :).

The Food


All the dishes in one photo 🙂

Of course I could not write a blog post without mentioning the food!  That just would not be me.  We started the brunch with a salad appetizer and then moved on to entrees.  Guests were given the choice of four entrees, the Lost Bread (French Toast), Sweet Potato Pancakes with fried chicken ,Milton Crab Cake and the Harold’s Double Cheese Burger.   The most popular dish was easily the sweet potato pancakes which is also what I ordered.   The pancakes were fluffy with a light sweet potato flavor plus true cane sugar syrup.   Even my sister the pancake queen gave them two thumbs up.   I also tried the crab cake which was also yummy.   The cake is “beefed up” with bread crumbs and parmesan which makes the portion larger and adds more flavor!  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food and were happy to find a new brunch spot :).


These pancakes >>>


The Crab Cake!

My Fabulous Guests!


I was so happy to see this lovely group come 🙂

It was so great to meet all of my guests!  I planned a “get to know you” game which allowed folks to learn more about each other!  It also made everyone get up and move around.  Loved it!  We also planned a photoshoot down by the “I Love You” mural.  Click through to see some of the photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Next One

Everyone keeps asking me when is the next one?! Without a doubt, there will be another one!  I am looking at September and thinking about other brunch spots in Houston that could accommodate a larger group.  If you want to be the first to know and the first to pick up tickets, be sure to subscribe to Black Girls Who Brunch! As my subscriber list grows, I am looking to do more for subscribers and one of those things will be first dibs on event tickets :).

Thank you all for supporting this event!  I cannot wait to brunch with you all again!