Last week I stopped over to Grub Burger Bar for a tasting of some of their lighter fare! I have been to Grub Burger Bar many times before and somehow managed to never add it to my blog until now.  Do not take this slight as an indication that I do not like this spot, cause I do, so I was glad when they invited me out to for a tasting.  So this time, I am making sure that share ALL the fun details with you all.


Grub Burger Bar is located in the heart of City Centre in the upper levels above Urban Outfitters.  If you can make your way to Ra Sushi, it is right next door to that.   Thankfully, new signage around City Centre makes some of the restaurants easier to find.   The new signs came with some new parking rules too unfortunately.   Just note that parking on the lower level is now metered along with the street parking.  *heavy sighs*

Once you get past the parking woes, Grub Burger Bar really has a great setup.  The restaurant is long leading back to a bar and patio.  Along the wall you will find booths filled with families or youngsters on dates.  Near the back there is a fully stocked bar with televisions displaying sporting events.   All of the indoor spaces are great, but with the our spring weather folks are really filling up that great patio.


The generous staff offered little ole me SO much food to try.  I wanted to make sure I did not get too full during the tasting so I could truly “tasted” everything.   To start, the staff brought out a few appetizers.  First, up the brussel sprouts and chorizo queso.  Both dishes were good and they honestly speak to two different diets.  If you are calorie counting then obviously go for the sprouts BUT if it is cheat day go for that queso.  It is SO good.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Next up I tried several dishes that fit into the healthier side of Grub Burger Bar.  Here is the deal, when you are looking to get out and keep it light, Grub does not want to knock them off the list.  You have SO many options here including the turkey or salmon bowls and the thai noodle salad.  All of these dishes pile on the fresh veggies and seasoned proteins.

Finally, they had to bring me a burger before I left regardless of the healthier menu tasting! Boy am I glad they did! My favorite burger here is the Lockhart Legend which comes with bacon, cheese, two onion rings, and Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.  All of these items from the bun down to the sauce are made in house at Grub Burger Bar, so I realllllly need them to bottle up that BBQ sauce for me so I can use it at home!  The sauce makes this burger a star, trust me on this!

I couldn't get a good picture of the Lockhart Legend but this burger is SO darn good.

I couldn’t get a good picture of the Lockhart Legend but this burger is SO darn good.

Oh and before I left, you know I had to try the mac and cheese.

Topped with bacon you really could not go wrong.

Topped with bacon you really could not go wrong. There is even a burger that comes topped with the mac.


Grub Burger Bar is undoubtedly a fun casual spot where you can go for burgers and shakes, but continue to keep it in mind for their great salads and bowls.

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