If you are familiar with the Houston brunch scene, the name “Etta’s” may ring a bell as the pop up at 5015 every Sunday.  Over the holiday break my blogger friend Renia organized an event at Etta’s Kitchen so we could experience their new brick and mortar location in the historic Third Ward.  This was hands down one of the best events I attended in 2016.  Keep reading for more on this fun experience 🙂

The Concept

What I am honestly most excited about are the events that Etta’s Kitchen will be hosting, right in our community.   There are plenty of places around town offering cooking class and culinary centered events, but I bet you would be hard pressed to find one in third ward.  Being in the community of course adds a different flavor to this concept.  There is a different spirit in Etta’s that makes you feel more at home.   From the homey decorative feel to the DJ playing the songs my parents played on Sunday afternoon growing up.  This is what will keep people coming back time and time again.

IMG_8914 IMG_2528

I started out with a glass of proseco OH and I wanted to show my shoes :)

I started out with a glass of proseco OH and I wanted to show my shoes 🙂

The Food

Our tasting included a spread of beautifully plated dishes that were equally delicious.  We feasted on savory pop tarts, mini pork tamales, oatmeal cracker bites, juicy lucy meatballs and crispy naan.  I could go on and on about each dish, but this post would be too long.   What is important to note is each dish pulled on unique experiences of owner chef Shakti Baum plus they paired items that would not always put together.  For example, the oatmeal cracker bites consisted oatmeal crackers, salami and cheese.  In my head, I would not think these ingredients would work together, but they did!

Oatmeal cracker bites!

Oatmeal cracker bites!

These dishes also made me reconsider if I am really a picky eater anymore! I grabbed the crispy naan, not realizing that it included a huge piece of squash,  an item my elementary palette had sworn off.  One bite and I was in love.  I think this is a testament to the chef, creating unique dishes that everyone can love!



Etta’s takes their libations very serious people! At the beginning of the evening, the resident bartender demonstrated their signature drink for us, the b side.   The B Side has plenty of flavor from the thyme honey, lime and sass bitters and it comes with enough kick that you should probably drink it slow !

The B Side

The B Side


Just to reiterate, this place is a fun homey space that I think anyone can enjoy!  If you are intrigued, make sure you pick up tickets to Etta’s Kitchen Grand Opening scheduled for Thursday, January 19th. Click here for more details and to buy tickets 🙂