Since folks seem to think I know all the Houston happenings outside of the food world, it is only right that I branch out a bit with some event reviews!  A few weeks back, the folks at UniverSoullllllllllll circus reached out to me to attend one of their Houston shows and of course share my experience with my readers.   I have no kiddos, so I brought the next best thing as my plus one, my not so little sister! Despite being twenty-five, my sister was SUPER excited about going to the UniverSoul Circus.  Her excitement is generally contagious, so I too was pretty happy to have some fun under the big top!

Circus Aspects

I think this is the first time I have visited a circus live and in person.  I remember watching Barnum and Bailey on TV as a kid and the show Circus of the Stars too.  From those shows, I gathered that a circus would of course include clowns, animals and amazing feats such as the trapeze.   UniverSoul Circus is no different in those aspects.  Elephants were paraded through the center ring and used for rides during intermission.  Then, outside there were camels present for rides and pictures.   An amazing group from China performed acrobatic feats that I could only dream of doing.  The difference here of course is the addition of SOUL.  During breaks, the DJ kept the crowd going with some staple songs like Before I Let Go. Moments like this make me LOVE Black Culture.  Every person in that audience knew every single word.  The clowns were just as fun and of course danced to the songs with some rhythm.


Community Event

On the night that I visited, Mayor Sylvester Turner joined the fun! I walked in as the mayor danced his way down a soul train line. The hosts continued to make him a large part of the show, calling on him to dance again later and having him lip sync a song.  He seemed to enjoy participating, as did the audience.  Later, the hosts gave a local minister/activist an award for his work in the community.  Also before I arrived, a local dance group performed in the center ring.  Although I did not see their performance, the stands were filled with adorable little girls decked out in the cutest dance uniforms!  I imagine dancing at the UniverSoul circus was very exciting for them.


The concession stand included typical circus fare such as popcorn, wings and cotton candy.  On the night of the circus I tried to avoid the pure sugar, although that cotton candy was calling my name! We tried the signature wings and popcorn.  The quality and taste what I would expect from a circus.  What stood out most to me though were the prices.   As we know, these types of attractions jack the prices up, but the UniverSoul circus had pretty fair prices in my opinion.  Good prices, makes it an even better option for a family trip.

IMG_5035 IMG_5033


I think this is a great experience for the entire family.   This circus definitely throws in the SOUL and not just from the music, but also touching on the soul of the community.  I was really happy to see the organizers reach out to local leaders, and bring in aspects of Houston.  If they are ever in a city near you, make sure to check them out!