Houston officially joined the cool kids i.e. Austin with the opening of our very own Snooze AM Eatery!! Snooze AM Eatery is a diner featuring all of your favorite American breakfast dishes with unique spins. The Houston location opened last week, but I was one of the lucky ones invited out to try Snooze during their soft opening.  Check out my experience below!

Location/ Setup:


Snooze AM Eatery honestly could not have picked a better location.  Located on Montrose and Westheimer, it’s a hop away from Washington and Midtown hot spots, for the after club crowd.  Plus it’s right in the mix for a Saturday or Sunday brunch.   One downfall to this location though is parking.  On the day that I arrived, the parking lot was completely full.  I was able to find parking across the street, but that meant traversing a busy Montrose to make it to Snooze.

Once inside, I was immediately taken aback by the fun inviting atmosphere!  Each staff member rocked some super hero uniform for the day, including a ninja turtle with a spatula in her shell.  Adding to this theme, the staff provides kids with capes too!   Then the restaurant’s colors are all bright, vibrant 70s colors.  I loved it!  Everything about the place screamed FUN.


Right inside is a large bar that specializes in brunch/breakfast cocktails.   This trip just so happened to be on my lunch break , so no cocktails for me, but others seemed to enjoy the mimosas and cocktails! Next time!


The Snooze Spritz!



The fun atmosphere adds to the fun service.   Most of the staff bounced around dancing to the music and everyone was very attentive and friendly.   I came in with my patience hat on simply because it’s a soft opening and they are still working out the kinks!  Knowing this, the staff still went above my expectations, so I expect the service to be impeccable on an average day.


One glance at the menu and I was quickly reminded of the Syrup in Denver! The setup is different yes, but they both specialize in creative spins on typical breakfast dishes like pancakes, french toast and eggs benedict. Then of course, they both began in Denver so it makes sense.

Pancakes are probably my least favorite breakfast “bread” dish.  I generally gravitate towards french toast and waffles, but I was immediately drawn to the “pancake flight” option on the menu.  Snooze AM goes beyond your typical blueberry pancakes and offers you options like peach pie.  I opted for a flight with sweet potato, pineapple upside down cake AND a banana pudding pancake!  Let’s be clear, this is not typical for me AT ALL.  I am plain jane when it comes to food, but for some reason I felt adventurous.   I was pleasantly surprised with my decision!  They key thing that makes these pancakes amazing is the addition of fresh ingredients.  As I nibbled away I found real pineapples, sweet potatoes and bananas carefully blended into the mix.  These pancakes also looked like the kind you make it home.  For pancakes this usually indicates tastiness!


THE PANCAKE FLIGHT! The banana pudding, sweet potato and finally the pineapple upside down cake!

I also ordered their hash browns.  With a touch of salt added they were perfection.  My sister joined me and went for the french toast topped with mascarpone cream.  Despite being full I tried a bite of her french toast and it was just as good as the pancakes.  I will definitley order those on my next visit!  She also ordered bacon and I HAD to steal a piece.  Listen, if you are not against pork, do not walk into Snooze and not order a slice of bacon okay? It’s thick sliced and extra salty.  One of the best pieces of bacon I have had in a long time.


I am already plotting on my next trip to Snooze!  Not only was the food amazing, but it is such a fun atmosphere! I cannot wait to go back!

*sidenote: I take most of my pictures on Snapchat now and forget to save them before they expire :(.  I am going to do better, BUT if you are on snapchat follow me -> blckgrlsbrunch so you do not miss anything!*

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So Snooze AM Eatery in Houston has been crazy popular over the last year!  The owners noticed the demand and decided to open a few new locations, the first of which opens on June 21, 2017 in Town and Country Center (next to City Centre). I drove around for awhile looking for it, so just FYI it’s on the Sam Houston Tollway side near Wells Fargo and Einstein Bagels!  I stopped by during their soft opening and I must say I think I like this location a bit better.  We walked right in on a Saturday plus we grabbed a seat by the large windows.  For a food blogger? Large windows means better photos!

Peach Bellini and the Palomimosa breakfast cocktails!

Peach Bellini and the Palomimosa breakfast cocktails!

The takeaway here, this is great news for Houston, as more Snooze AM Eatery locations open, the shorter the lines will be :).