Since I have been blogging, it seems like EVERY week I am alerted to some National Food Day. My first question was, what greedy person created these days? From my wikipedia browsing research, a wide variety of people have the “authority” to select a day for their preferred food. To my surprise, Presidents of our great country are behind a few for these days. For National Ice Cream Day, Ronald Reagan made a proclamation where he labels Ice Cream nutritious and wholesome therefore worthy adoration on the third Sunday of July.  Oh, I agree Mr. President. For other days, some random organization tied to the promotion of some random food declares a designated day and the rest of us just go with it.  The National Peanut Board seems to be mighty powerful when it comes to declaring Peanut and Peanut Butter related food days.  Wikipedia’s handy chart attributes quite a few days’ origins to that group.  I am not a fan of Peanuts or related products so they will not be included in the below list.  Sorry Peanut lovers.  Also, some random guy named Thomas Roy seems to create holidays and copyright them for fun.  Some of the odder holidays like July 6th’s “Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day” are his doing.  For obvious reasons, his days will also not be seen below but read about him here.

ice cream

If you read that first paragraph of needless information you are now probably asking why do we care??? Good question and I myself asked that too.  The answer is because the Food and Beverage industry uses these silly holidays to get us in the door with FREE and discounted food/drinks.   That alone is enough reason to pay attention :).   Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook were my go-to source for this information prior to blogging.  Well on one random evening my FOMO was in full effect, so I decided to research these days to make sure I do not miss any of the important ones! Here is a list of my favorites broken down by month!


  • 19th- National Popcorn Day – This calls for a stop to movies OR better yet Popparazzi Popcorn.IMG_3513 2


  • 9th- National Pizza Day- It does not look like the big pizza chains acknowledge this important holiday! Hopefully, they will get on board next year!

    Simple jalapeno and pepperoni pizza from the Flat.

    Simple jalapeno and pepperoni pizza from the Flat.


  • 8th – IHOP National Pancake Day.  Other websites say National Pancake Day is in September, but IHOP’s website says their day is March 8th and they give out free pancakes on these days, so they can do what they want!Pancake


  • 12th – National Grilled Cheese Day- Probably a good day to locate the Golden Grill food truck since they specialize in grilled cheese.

    A grilled cheese with bacon from the Golden Grill food truck.

    A grilled cheese with bacon from the Golden Grill food truck.


  • 28th – National Brisket Day-  Brisket for me means being in Aunt’s kitchen because she makes THE best brisket.

    My aunt preparing her famous brisket for Christmas last year.

    My aunt preparing her famous brisket for Christmas last year.


  • 2nd – National Rotisserie Chicken Day – Not to toot my horn, but (toot toot) I’ve made a pretttty good roast chicken following this recipe. I will have try it again on this national food holiday!

    My chicken made in the "Black Girls Who Brunch" kitchen

    My chicken made in the “Black Girls Who Brunch” kitchen

  • First Friday of the Month – National Donut/Doughnut Day


    Shipley’s Donut Bread Pudding from Davis’ Street.

July (this month has the most days and all of the good days) 

  • 11th- 7/11 Day – It’s not a on the National Holiday list but goodness when you combine Beyonce and free 7Eleven slurpees, I have to recognize it.

    The day has free Slurpees and it’s own anthem! *Dance Break*


  • 13th- National BBQ Day – We have had this discussion before on this blog. This day means a celebration of Kansas City Barbecue!

    BBQ=Kansas City and Kansas City BBQ= Gates #theend


  • 14th – Mac & Cheese Day!!!! I loveeee Mac & Cheese! Check out the gallery below with just a few Mac and Cheeses that I’ve had in the last year or so.
  • 24th – National Tequila Day- In the past, one of my favorite restaurants Del Frisco’s Grille has offered deals for National Tequila Day, so be on the look out in 2016! If all else fails, you can always find a good margarita.
    Margaritas from El Tiempo!

    Margaritas from El Tiempo!


  • 29th – National Chicken Wing Day and National Lasagna Day – Your favorite wing spot is guaranteed to have specials on this very important holiday! We should lobby the local Italian restaurants to recognize National Lasagna Day as well.

    JPEG image-0265343D9BBF-1

    Wings from Prospect Park


  • 8th- National Frozen Custard Day. I’m mentally planning a trip back to Missouri for this date next year to visit my favorite spots, Andy’s Frozen Custard and Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard!
  • 10th- National S’more Day- This day is the perfect to replicate this S’mores Parfait from my Carnival Cruise.I shall try to replicate this s'mores parfait for National S'Mores Day next year!



  • 4th – National Taco Day AND National Vodka Day – This day is serious in Houston! I received a flier for McCormick and Schmick’s specials on tacos and vodka this coming Sunday.   Also Houston Press is having a flash sale for their upcoming event Tacolandia in celebration of National Taco Day! (I’ll share both events on my social media pages, so make sure to follow me!)

    Torchy's Tacos.

    Torchy’s Tacos.


  • 6th – National Nacho Day- West End’s Happy Hour is a great option for some Nachos come November.
    Nachos, sliders and TACOS!

    Nachos from West End during their happy hour.


  • 28th – National French Toast – If I was in Chicago, I would be at Batter & Berries for their amazing Carmel French Toast.  In Houston, Max Wine Dive’s Creme Brulee French Toast will forever have my heart.

    Max's Wine Dive French Toast.

    Max’s Wine Dive French Toast.


  • 15th – National Cupcake Day – As if I needed another reason to eat a cupcake.
  • 31st – National Champagne Day – Fitting for New Years Eve’s toasts. You were celebrating this day all along and did not even know.  My champagne of course generally comes in the form of mimosas!


    Mimosas at Del Frisco’s!

If you know of some good ones I missed, share below in the comments!