*This post, Vejo Review, is sponsored by Vejo, but the opinions are my own!*

The older I get, the more I hunt for quick and healthy food items.  So often, the quick options are packed with sugar and so many other no nos.  When I learned of the Vejo portable smoothie blender, I was attracted to the convenience first off.  Then I learned more about the products and was excited for the chance to try the smoothies with a convenient portable blender.   I tried the Vejo for about a week before creating this review.  Check out my thoughts!

What Comes With It

Vejo Review

  • The Blender
  • The Charging Pod
  • A Cleaning Tool and Cleaning Pods
  • A Variety Pack of Vejo Blends

How to Use It

Vejo Review

I started by charging the top of the blender to get going.   Not going to lie, it took me a minute to figure out how to charge the blender because I failed to read the directions!  Don’t be like me, read the directions!  For this blender,  the black pod serves as the charger.  Plug it in until it turns green.  I read some reviews online that said it took awhile to charge, but for me it was ready to go pretty quickly.

Once it is charged, fill it with liquid, add in your desired pod, twist the top on and it starts blending on its own for about 30 seconds and just like that it is ready to go.  Simple enough!

My Thoughts

Red Tart Berry Vejo Pod

Can I be honest and say I have never been a big fan of smoothies.  But I am also willing to put my big girl pants on and try them because I know they are a great way to pack in nutrients.   After trying the Vejo, I realized what my issue was.  I hated the texture that often comes with blending up veggies and fruits.  No matter how great your blender is, there will be lumps and pulp in the mix, and I, the adult who still gets no pulp orange juice, cannot take it.

Well my favorite thing about the Vejo is there are no lumps!  The Vejo mixes come in powdered form in biodegradable pods.  Once blended you have a smooth drink that while thicker, is as smooth as any other drink. I loved that.   Since I am picky, I was a little weary of which flavor to try, but went with the Tart Berry.   It was SO GOOD.   It may just be the first smoothie I drank in full.  Since I liked them I just knew there had to be a catch.  I grabbed the booklet with the nutritional and was happy to learn that it had no added sugar.  Plus it only had 100 calories.

The other things I would note that it is pretty easy to use which is a must for a portable device.  It is heavier than I thought it would be though, but still light enough to toss in a work or workout bag and go.



Orange Vejo Blender and Two glasses of Tart Berry Smoothies

  • Definitely do NOT fill it up with water beyond the line.   The blender may not churn the same and the excess liquid will create a mess.  Ask me how I know?! LOL.
  • Go with the recommended liquid on the pod.  If it says best with water.  Stick with water.  I thought I would make my Tart Berry flavor even better with some juice instead of water.   It came out a little too sweet.   I mean I drank it because I was not going to waste my favorite flavor, but I wished I just followed the instructions.
  • Because I was sure someone would ask, I also took a pod, dumped the contents in water and stirred it with a spoon to see how it would come out.  First, these pods are meant to be used with the Vejo blender and have little flaps that only make sense if used with the blender.  Trying to open the flaps outside of the blender created a bit of mess, but I was able to get most of the contents in the water.  Once in the cup of water, the pod did not “blend” well with the water which is no surprise since I did not use a blender.  In short, yes the blender really does work well in blending your liquid of choice with the contents of the pod.  It is churning contents from top to bottom ensuring it is all blended together well.
  • Vejo also includes some immune booster pods which are great as we head into the winter.

All and all I loved the blender and think you will too!  When you purchase the Starter Pack, use this code “BGWB8PACK” to receive a free 8-pack of your choice (the collagen glow kit is excluded from this offer).   Enjoy!