This weekend I attended an XFL Roughnecks game.  What is this you ask?  Houston’s latest professional team, a new football team!  I went with a group of friends and did not know what to expect.  In the end, we had a great time so I thought I would share my experience with you all.   Here is the run down on Houston’s Newest Team: XLF Roughnecks.

How is this different than the NFL?

Houston's Newest Professional Team XFL Roughnecks -1

I am not going to sit up here and pretended I know all of the football rules ’cause I do not!  Therefore I am unable to provide a detailed break down on how the rules are different.  Check ESPN for that.  What I can say, for the novices you will notice the kickoff is a little different and the games are shorter.   Other than that it looked like regular ole football to me!

If you are about my age,  you may remember the first iteration of the XFL led by Vince McMahon.  Well that league failed quickly.  This go around McMahon is still at the helm, but hopes to capitalize off the desire for football once the NFL ends.  The XFL includes eight teams, ten weeks of play, two weeks of playoffs and a championship game.  The season starts right after the Superbowl and ends in early April before the NBA playoffs really get going.

Why Go?

XFL Roughnecks-4

As a kid, I LOVED going to Houston Comets games.  Our now defunct WNBA team offered the fun and excitement of the Rockets games plus they won, four championships to be exact!  Best of all the tickets were affordable allowing families to attend.  I do not recall ever going to a Rockets game as a kid, but I went to plenty of Comets games.

The XFL Roughnecks kind of reminds me of that.  If you want to experience the pomp and circumstances of a professional football event, but do not know have those kinds of coins the Roughnecks are a great option.   With so many players who have played in the NFL, you are still getting a professional game experience.

At the stadium, the crowd is smaller which makes it easier to navigate through.  They also tailgate and offer a fun game time experience.   Local djs played a lot of local favorites and the Westbury High School band joined in on the fun.  I would also add that it was a great family friend environment with tons of kids and families.  We capped off the night with a trip down to the field to take pictures with Kony Ealy a fellow Mizzou alum! (I purchased tickets through my Alumni Association).

What to know before you go:

  • Games are played at TDECU Stadium at University of Houston
  • UH is connected to the purple line of the light rail.  You can ride for free with your game ticket!
  • At TDECU they serve traditional concession stand bites and beer.
  • For the ladies, they apply the NFL clear bag rule so no large purses or bags.  I brought a small wristlet.
  • I’ve seen tickets for as low as $20.  TDECU Stadium is smaller than NRG allowing you to feel up close for less.
  • The XFL’s first championship game will happen in Houston in April!
  • Oh and Houston’s Roughnecks are currently #1 in the power rankings after the second game.  Watch them win a championship before the Texans!
  • To purchase tickets, be sure to check the XFL Roughnecks website!

Have you been to a Roughnecks game? What did you think?!