As you all know, a good venue for me comes with good vibes and scenery.  Lately, that generally involves good views of downtown or a rooftop.  In Strato 550, I found both! I caught a work lunch at the downtown restaurant during Houston Restaurant Weeks.  Not only is their food great, but the views are some of the best in the city.  Here are the details!

The Setup

Strato 550 Restaurant

Located in the 1415 Louisiana Building, Strato 550 calls the top floor home.  After ascending to the 43rd floor, patrons will first encounter the meeting rooms.  Strato 550 doubles as a conference center and can host small to medium sized meetings in beautiful boardrooms with great downtown views.  The restaurant Strato 550 can provide food for the meetings.

Views from Strato 550

Just beyond that is the restaurant, a small but beautiful space with a cool color palette that I found very relaxing.  But the real star of this space? Those floor to ceiling windows that allow you to see so much of the city.  From one side you can see the Williams Tower in the Galleria.  In the distance on the other side you can see the smoke from the refineries in Pasadena.  Up closer, you can see attractions like the Toyota Center.  Look, I was in awe as someone who grew up in Houston so I imagine that a visitor would eat this space up!

Strato 550 Restaurant

There is another public patio that gets you even closer to the tall buildings.  The space unfortunately cannot be used for food events, but as one the highest public rooftops it is worth the stop!


This visit was for Houston Restaurant Weeks which offers a two course lunch menu for $20.  I started with the Strato Salad, which was simple, but pretty good.  It had a nice vinaigrette that took it up a notch.  For my main entree, I ordered the market fish option which was scallops served on a bed of fregola.  This was SO good!  Seasoned well and cooked to perfection.   My only complaint was that the portion was small, but we can all afford to downsize those Texas portions!  For something heavier, opt for the Lamb Burger.  I caught a glimpse of the dish on other guests tables.  It was huge and looked delicious.

Strato 550 Bread

The bread did not photograph well, but it is delicious!

Strato 550 Salad

The Takeaway

Strato 550 seems to only be open for lunch and happy hour.  For those that work downtown or nearby, add it to your list of business lunch spots and even conference options.  It seems to be a nice little secret spot