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Whewwww… writing blog posts has been so hard lately!  But since this website remains one of my favorite ways to communicate with my audience, I am pushing through!  For those that follow me on Instagram, you may have caught a few of my posts about the meat delivery service Butcher Box.  I received my first box a few months ago and while I am still making my way through all of the products, I thought I should go ahead and share my initial thoughts with you all.  Get in to this Butcher Box Review!

How it Works

Butcher Box Review-10

Butcher Box is a meat subscription box that delivers high quality meats right to your door.  The incentive here is better quality and the convenience of delivery.  To start, customers select which type of box they would like, either beef & pork, beef & chicken, all beef, a mixed box or the custom box.  The mixed box is the most popular.  In addition to the standard items in the box, you can add additional products like bacon.  There currently is not a seafood only box, but you can also add items like salmon.

After selecting the type of box, you then select the size of your box.  The smaller box can produces 24 meals for $5.39  per meal for $129.   The larger box provides 48 meals for just under $5 bucks per meal for $238.   The larger box offers a small discount and would be ideal for larger families or those who have a deep freeze.   The box comes monthly and can be cancelled at any time.  If a household of one that eats out quite a bit like me, then one box can probably last you a few months.

What Did I Order?

Butcher Box Review-Burger

This beauty features Butcher Box bacon and ground beef. Such a good burger!

For my first order, I received a mixed box which included pork, ground beef, bacon, chicken breast and steaks.  My order arrived frozen in a box that operated like a portable mini fridge.  I rushed home knowing I had frozen meat that needed to make it to the fridge ASAP, but honestly it probably could have made it a few more hours.  The only thing is the box does not say “perishable items” , so your delivery team may not realize the urgency of getting it to you immediately.

Before ordering I made a point to read the reviews.  People complained about the quality of the meat.  I do not consider myself a snob about meat quality, but I thought the quality was great.  For example, the chicken breasts were a thick cut and cooked up well.  They did not have those cartilage pieces my cheap chicken breasts typically have.   I also enjoyed the ground beef and bacon.  Both were good quality, cooked well and tasted amazing after I put my stank on ’em.

Crispy Bacon

The bacon cooked up beautifully.

Also important, their products come from farmers that are committed to sustainability and humane practices.  Their meats also do not include any added hormones or antibiotics which is a huge plus! We all need to be aware of what companies put in our foods.

Uncooked Pork

The portions were actually pretty big. I sliced these in half and got a few more portions.

The Takeaway

I am still working through the products and will update my Butcher Box Review as I go! I still have more hamburger meat, pork, steaks and a roast left.  So basically enough food to last me through the rest of the year LOL.  The steaks are likely up next so be on the look out for that on my Instagram story.

Butcher Box constantly runs specials for new customers so be sure to take advantage.  For the end of November (Black Friday) Butcher Box is offering 8 Free Steaks( 2 Filet Mignons, 2 New York Strips and 4 Top Sirloins) free with your first box.  To access this offer, click here.