When I rattle of Houston facts to a non-believer I generally mention that Houston boasts the second largest theater district in terms of seats.  I say this so proudly while privately I have to admit it is rare that I visit one of our beautiful theater district venues!  Well I guess I was due for another visit because late last fall a blogger friend dropped an event in our group chat that I could NOT miss.  Y’all, Boyz II Men scheduled a performance with the Houston Symphony at Jones Hall.  My R&B loving self would rollout to see Boyz II Men in Arena Theater, but Jones Hall with the Symphony??  Yeah I was all about that! After booking our tickets, we sought out the best spot for pre-dinner drinks and bites settling on Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel!

Cultivated F + B

Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel-6

Cultivated F +B resides in the historic Lancaster Hotel which recently reopened after Harvey related renovations.   I never visited the old Lancaster hotel, but the current iteration is colorful and fun.  Plus it happens to be located at the corner of Louisiana and Texas (the streets not the states) right in between the Alley Theater and Jones Hall.

I mistakenly thought I found a gem because I had not really seen much talk about it.  Well joke was on me because the restaurant was booked up solid! So we opted for the bar which worked out fine.  If you go with bar seating, be sure to get there before 5:30pm.  The staff also worked to accommodate overflow guests in the lobby.

Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel-3 Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel-1

As far as the drinks and bites we tried a few shareables and great cocktails while we waited for our concert.   For snacks, we ordered the Mediterranean Meatballs, Charcuterie Board, and the Lobster Mac & Cheese.  The meatballs had a great sauce that we sopped up with bread once we finished the meatballs.   I found the charcuterie board to be enjoyable as well with some great cheeses and other items that aren’t too common for meat and cheese boards.  Finally, my favorite item the mac & cheese is so good. It is pricier, but it includes large chunks of lobster so it was worth it.

Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel-2

The Concert

Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel-4

Because I am SURE you all care, I must tell you about the concert.  After filling up on drinks and snacks we headed over to Jones Hall to see the legendary Boyz II Men.  The quartet is now down to a trio, but they honestly do not miss a beat.  They have done several shows around the country with symphonies and it works so well!  I like the infusion of classical music/instruments with R&B.  It is not something I would have thought would fit well together, but it was so beautiful!

They ran down all of the old favorites, On Bended Knee, I’ll Make Love to You, and Mama etc.   We even got the traditional R&B concert antics like throwing roses and singing to audience members.  Wanya also took us back to the 90s with his super random dance moves.   I loved it and would pay to see that same show again.  I just wish they could have added Motown Philly to the lineup because I think it would have been hilarious with violins and what not!

The Takeaway

In short, do not be like me Houstonians.  Frequent our theater district and support the arts and when you do swing by Cultivated F+B in the Lancaster Hotel for pre-theater drinks and bites.