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This week means we are all back to work and school after the holiday break and here I am still catching up! While off from my full time gig, I made an afternoon visit to Jack & Ginger’s Irish Pub, an Austin transplant that has now joined the Houston food scene.  Check out the details on my visit below!

The Setup/Location

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -1

Jack & Gingers is located in Houston’s Midtown and I found myself a bit nostalgic when I pulled up to the restaurant! About five years ago I spent just about every weekend in Midtown!  All of the fun new bars and restaurants seemed to pop up in this area like Mr. Peeples and Rico’s Noon and Night.  Slowly all of those spots closed and I moved on to other neighborhoods.  I say all this to say, I was happy to see Jack & Gingers taking up the space vacated by another old favorite of mine, Cook & Collins (RIP).

As far as Jack & Gingers, the space has been completely transformed and I quickly fell in love with the outdoor space.  Well let me describe it correctly.  It is an indoor space with an open concept i.e. no windows.  This is incredibly smart considering the Houston heat an rainy season.  Here, guests relax at seats at wooden picnic tables or the large bar.  Dogs bowls at the end of each table make the space dog friendly.

Inside, is a darker area with plenty of green and wood paneling as you would expect.  There is also a bar inside that mirrors the outdoor bar in size and tap offerings.  For the sports fans, both spaces have plenty of televisions for you to catch sporting events (*wipes away some tears for my Texans*).   It kind of feels like two bars in one because each part will appeal to a different bar goer.

The Drinks

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -Beer

Most of you will head here for their impressive beer list.  It is an Irish bar and yes they live up to the name.  Jack & Ginger’s has tons of beers on tap including local breweries such as Brash Brewing.  My friend ordered the Pussy Wagon IPA and I went straight for the cocktails.  While the beers may bring your here, do not skip over the cocktails!  I ordered the Red Head in Bed which is served with a strawberry nestled in a flower petal playing on the name.  It is a light fruity cocktail topped with sparkling wine that I would definitely order again.   The Irish Rose also got a thumbs up.

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -Red Head in Bed

The Red Head in Bed

The Food

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -Pretzel

This pretzel >>

For the food, Jack & Ginger’s offers bar food that pays homage to the Irish theme.  With that in mind, I ordered some traditional Irish dishes like Bangers & Mash an Fish & Chips.  While I am no Irish food expert I thought these dishes were good.  My favorite dish was easily the soft pretzel served with beer cheese and honey mustard.   I topped off my visit with dessert, ordering the Guinness Brownie with a scoop of ice cream.   Dessert at a bar may sound odd to some, but this brownie is SO good and worth the extra calories.  Other popular dishes include the fried pickles (they are spears), loaded french fries and the wedge salad for those with new years resolutions.

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -Wedge Salad

The wedge salad.

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -Bangers and Mash

Bangers & a Mash, an Irish Classic!

Jack & Ginger's Irish Pub -8

The Takeaway

Considering the space, the impressive drink list and food I would say Jack & Ginger’s is a good bar that many will enjoy.  Midtown residents will likely make this their new neighborhood haunt while others will come for that patio! I for one plan to head back for the weekend buffet!