If you are not meal prepping are you really a millennial living in 2018?  Everyone seems to be about quick and easy ways to have healthy meals ready to go throughout the week.  I for one never hopped on that train because it seemed like tons of work!  So if you are like me, may I suggest the new Snap Kitchen Meal Plans?  I had the chance to try the meal plan for just three days and honestly it went far beyond my expectations!  Check my experience with the New Snap Kitchen Meal Plans below!

How it Works

Guests can order via the app or online.  If you log in, you can move seamlessly through both to complete your order.

  • Next you select your type of plan: low carb, whole 30, paleo, balance, low carb, high protein or camp gladiator.  Each of these meals plans were created by license dietitians which is an added bonus!
  • After selecting your diet plan, you then select your calorie goal (1,200, 1,500 or 1,800)
  • Next you can select whether you want 3, 5 or 7 days which is allows you to pick a plan that works for your budget and schedule.
  • Finally, you are able to set up the components of your plan like do you want breakfast lunch and dinner? Do you need an afternoon snack listed? All of that is done here and helps ensure you are meeting your calorie goals.

After you input all of that information, the system creates a meal plan that fits within those parameters. You can adjust based on your taste preferences as well.  Once completed, you set your pickup or delivery location plus the time and date.  Generally, they need about 48 hours to prepare the entire order.  I arrived right at opening to pick up my items and they were packaged and ready to go!

What I Liked

New Snap Kitchen Meal Plans-2

Chicken taco bowl. Great portion amount!

You can get a good run down on my Instagram highlights of everything I ate over the course of three days! The things I did not care for, honestly were just things I do not like in general.  So that means the Snap Kitchen version of just about any of your favorite foods would be good.  Here are my favorites

  • Turnip mash! So basically someone subbed potatoes with another root vegetable turnips and the result is less carbs, same flavor, same texture.  So good!
  • I also enjoyed the oven baked chicken tenders and almond crusted chicken nuggets. Very simple, but flavored well.

    New Snap Kitchen Meal Plans-3

    Chicken nuggets. These are actually a snack!

  • I also ate the banana pancakes everyday because I am picky about breakfast foods.   These are pretty tasty and happen to be gluten free.
  • For seafood, the naked salmon, crunchy coconut shrimp and shrimp & cauliflower grits are all great choices! Filling and flavorful!

To Order

I threw in some extra snacks, water and juices.  For three days my total was about $110 bucks.  You could easily cut some of the snack items out and cut that price down significantly. Snap Kitchen has locations all throughout Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas and Austin!   If you are excited about trying Snap Kitchen, be sure to follow the link below!

Save $20 on your first Snap Kitchen meal plan – use promo code SNP-2482

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!