Houston has a lot of new restaurants opening in the next few months and I feel the urge to try them all! My food blogger friends are the only ones who share my excitement for new restaurants so when I have them gathered, I always try to coax them to stop by another spot with me.  This go around my blogger friends (IG Names @Brunch and Conversation, @TheHangryWoman, @fashionablylatefoodie, @Bits.n.Bites, @SuperKEatzHtown, and @RichwithFlavors  ) agreed to take a visit to Fig & Olive housed over in the old Saks Fifth in the Galleria mall!

The Setup

Fig & Olive is the first to open in the revamped Saks spot!  The space is beautiful with natural colors and neutrals.  Large windows also provides a great amount of natural light creating a welcoming restaurant.  We sat on the patio because it had the best aesthetics, but quickly questioned this decision.  That Houston heat will smack you and make you retreat to the air condition! Although I preferred the patio area, the inside is equally beautiful and includes a large bar right at the entrance.   It is the perfect space to grab a quick cocktail during a shopping break.


Fig & Olive -6


We were pretty full from the tasting event we had before sneaking over to Fig & Olive, so most of us filled up on cocktails!  For the sake of the blog, I decided to indulge a little more with their signature dish, crostinis!  These are served in a trio for $14 or a six pack for $22.  Not going to lie, they are small for the price, but I can honestly say they are good!  The menu includes several options which would appease any diet or taste buds.  Being the carnivore that I am, I ordered the shrimp, prosciutto and marinated beef crostinis.  I genuinely liked all three, but my favorite would have to be the shrimp because it was perfectly seasoned!

Fig & Olive -3

The Cheesecake

Some of the crew ordered dessert and were kind enough to share!  I tried the Chocolate Obsession a whipped chocolate truffle that as its name implies is super chocolatey.  Another friend ordered the Olive Oil Cake which is a small little bundt cake packed with citrusy flavor.  Finally, there is a beautiful cheesecake topped with cherries and cookie crumbles.

The Drinks

Fig & Olive -1

Something about the space made me think it would be more of a wine bar.  Perhaps the “olive” in the name led me to that.  While they do have plenty of wine options, their drink menu seemed more cocktail heavy.   I ordered the Rosselini a fruity cocktail featuring passion fruit vodka, blood orange juice and lime juice.  Others at the table ordered the Cucumber Cosmo which included elderflower and cumber puree, and the Soul Flower.  All of the cocktails included fresh ingredients making them a win in my book.

The Takeaway

I really enjoyed Fig & Olive and look forward to going back! Be sure to add this to your must stops this summer to grab a good cocktail and some apps.  If you were debating on when to stop by may I suggest Wednesday? Fig & Olive runs a $1 crostini special on Wednesdays with $5 martinis.  Can’t beat that!