In Houston, we have the privilege of having several GOOD steakhouses around town.  With so many choices sometimes it is hard to pick where to have dinner and then you forget some good ones.  Well may I put Fleming’s back on your list especially if you have not been there recently?  I have been a fan of Fleming’s for years and was super excited to learn they shifted to a chef driven menu recently.  I had the pleasure of attending a causal tasting with my Houston Food Blogger Collective friends a few weeks back.  Keep reading for all of the Fleming’s Steakhouse New Menu details!

The Food

Fleming's Steakhouse New Menu-Wine

I love how big these glasses are!

So keep in mind that Fleming’s is a wine bar as well and has an extensive wine list.  We started out our Saturday afternoon with a glass of white wine while waiting on the appetizers. First up were the bacon wrapped scallops.  You add bacon to just about anything and I am an instant fan! These were no exception.

Fleming's Steakhouse New Menu-1

Up next, we were treated to the Tomahawk Steak.  This is the crown jewel of the new menu and let me tell you it literally melts in your mouth.  Add to that the piles of garlic it is topped with you and you are sure to get tons of flavor.  Another new featured entree is the blackened snapper with scallops! The sauce has a bit of a kick to it which takes this dish up a notch.  For steakhouses, it is great to offer a seafood dish that it is not an afterthought.  This one does just that. The new menu also includes new veggie sides such as sautéed mushrooms and green beans.  These vegetables are beautiful and appear very fresh.  At my request, they also brought out the famous au gratin potatoes.  Never make a trip to Fleming’s without ordering one of these.

We rounded out the afternoon with the signature Fleming’s dessert the chocolate molten cake.  I don’t think I have to say much as this photo speaks for itself!

Fleming's Steakhouse New Menu-Chocolate Molten Cake

Chocolate Molten Cake

The Takeaway

Listen, Fleming’s is trying to keep things fun in a landscape littered with good steakhouses.  If you have not been in awhile, stop back by for this amazing new menu!