So the Houston bar scene has been taken over by beer gardens like Axelrad and Kirby Ice House.  For the last few years I would have said they cornered the market and there was no room for a new beer garden in the city!  Enters Truck Yard Houston to shut me right up! Yes folks Houston has a new beer garden and trust me it is giving your favorite a run for their money! Check out all of the details below about the new EADO beer garden, Truck Yard Houston.

The Setup

So first keep in mind that this place is huge! I entered from the side entrance which is formed out of old truck trailers.  Immediately inside, is an instagrammers paradise. There is an 80s style phone booth, cute signs and a setup that screams “Take a picture here! STUNT on the gram!” To be quite honest, there are instagrammable spots all around Truck Yard.  To the left you find the interior portion with plenty of tables on the covered patio as well as some inside with tons of AC and shade.

Truck Yard Houston-5

I was kind of surprised at how fancy the bathroom was!


Other highlight? There just so happens to be a ferris wheel smack dab in the middle of the beer garden!  The ferris wheel is not in full operation yet, but when it is… I will be back.   Beyond that there are unique creations using truck parts.  For example, pick-up truck beds are made in to large tables for groups.  Think a fancy organized junkyard which seems like an oxymoron, but totally accurate here.

Truck Yard Houston-1

The Ferris Wheel

Truck Yard Houston-3

The Food

Truck Yard Houston-2

The Food Truck park

The brick and mortar portion of Truck Yard also features a small restaurant which serves philly cheesesteaks.  If that is not your thing, make your way to the food truck lot.  The featured trucks rotate and you can find the schedule on their website.   During my visit, Houston favorite the Waffle Bus was present, yet I opted for a newer truck and thought the food was just okay.  Lesson there, stick with what you know.

Truck Yard Houston-6

Truck Yard Houston-9

Grilled cheese from Melt on Wheels.

The Drinks

Truck Yard Houston-7

Here is another plus for Truck Yard, their waitstaff comes and serves you at your table which I appreciate.  Waiting in long lines annoys me! While the wait time is probably the same, sitting makes it less annoying.  For my drink, I ordered a frozen Trash Can punch.  It is a fruity frozen drink that sneaks up on you! There are drink specials during the week so keep that in mind when you plan your visits.

The Takeaway

The Houston crowd is so fickle and tends to roam.  Here is your warning that it has now roamed to EADO where spots like Chapman & Kirby, Rodeo Goat, 8th Wonder, Around the Corner and now Truck Yard are bringing in the crowd! After this visit, I stopped back by Truck Yard on a Saturday night.  Gotta say it was overwhelmingly crowded for me, but if that is your vibe it is definitely the place to be.