For those who follow my Instagram page, you may have caught my IG stories about the Texas based delivery company, Farmhouse Delivery!  Well my excitement about this amazing company has spilled over to the blog.  Check out all the details below plus a Farmhouse Delivery Giveaway and a promo code!

How it Works

Farmhouse Delivery prides itself on bringing Texas families good locally grown/harvested food to their doorsteps, literally.  All of the products featured are grown right here in Texas, so you are supporting local businesses through their company.  Here is how the process works.  Customers register ahead by inputting their address and credit card information in.  You want to ensure you are in the delivery zone (They deliver to Houston and Austin).  To order for the week, customers just log on and drop everything they want into their shopping basket by 10am on Sunday.  You can also sign up for a weekly delivery of certain items and it will automatically roll over every week.

Deliveries go out on Tuesdays and you can order up to three weeks in advance.  On your first delivery day, Farmhouse will deliver your products in the green bin.  It reminds me of the recycling bins we had as a kid, but it has a lid.  Your order will be carefully packed inside, likely with ice to keep it cool.   Then, on your next order you just place the box on your doorstep to be refilled.

What I Ordered

Farmhouse Delivery Giveaway-2

A close up of my veggies. The butter lettuce came with the burgers and the spinach was a part of the bundle.

For my first order I started with the produce section and went for the medium sized produce bushel.  The bushel changes weekly allowing you to be creative with how you use it.  Before ordering, the website will provide what items it expects to provide in the bushel, but it can definitely change.  For example, I had my heart set on sweet potatoes, but ended up with squash.  Now, the good thing here is I get to experience something I do not typically purchase on my own.   All of the items were SO fresh when they arrived.  Many of them looked like they were freshly picked and at my door within hours.

Farmhouse Delivery Giveaway-5

I also picked up the burger bundle which included two pounds of locally sourced meat, cheddar cheese, butter lettuce and buns from Slow Dough.  I have been enjoying these burgers all week! Again, all of the items are super fresh and I like the idea of a package that includes all of the essentials.  Farmhouse Delivery includes a lot of these in the meat section.  You could basically buy one large bundle for a barbecue for example.

Farmhouse Delivery Giveaway-4

One of my burgers topped with extra cheese!

Other highlights in the food section that I noticed.  For my gluten free folks, there are plenty of gluten free options! Basically every bread option had a gluten free counterpart.  Speaking of bread, you can set up a recurring order where the essentials, milk, bread and eggs and they will be delivered to your door weekly.  It’s like the milkman from generations ago! Oh and also, for the New Year New Me folks, Farmhouse has a whole “New Year New Food” section filled with fresh juices, kombucha, fruits, baby food, veggies and so many good options!  Finally, you can add prepared meals under the “Supper Club” option.  SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

The Giveaway

Farmhouse graciously offered me One Large Produce bundle plus free delivery for a giveaway!  To enter complete the following steps!

  1. Share this blog post (Facebook or Twitter are the easiest)
  2. Comment below with what item you are eyeing from Farmhouse Delivery.
  3. Mention you are a subscriber and I will throw in an extra entry for you.

There will only be one winner, but everyone can use my discount code “BRUNCH” to receive $10 and have their membership fees waived!

The Takeaway

The new wave seems to be to support local, eat good food free of all the gunk and live your best life!  Farmhouse Delivery offers a service that allows you to do just that.  I loved it and will be ordering again.  Check it out and be sure to note you learned of the service from me :)!