I tried my best to leave all of my 2017 dining experiences in 2017, but I have just one more to share.  I rounded out the holiday season with a stop over to the brand new Mastro’s Steakhouse!  Owner Tilman Fertitta finally brought the nationally renowned Mastro’s brand to Houston to anchor his new Post Oak mixed use space.  Here are all of the details of Dinner at Mastro’s!

The Setup and Location

The Post Oak luxury mixed use space is set to open in March 2018, but we got a bit of a tease with the opening of Mastro’s in December.  Located at Post Oak and 610, the space is walking distance from the Landry’s headquarters.

For Mastro’s, guests enter from the 610 feeder road and immediately encounter a large circle drive for the valet.  If there is a parking lot, it is not open just yet.  So valet it was.   Once inside, I was greeted by a restaurant JAM PACKED with patrons.  From the outside, I expected a large grand space like many other steakhouses, but here the space felt small.  This likely was due to the  inclusion of a band near the main bar and the fact that guests were piled in at every table.  If you are antsy around big crowds, ask for a booth because it kind of puts you to the side.

Dinner at Mastros-4

I can’t for the life of me remember the cocktail I had, but it was great! It included fresh fruit and I believe vodka.

Despite feeling a tad cramped the space flows very well.   Although it is mid winter, the bar flowed seamlessly to the outdoor patio and yet the whole restaurant was warm!  The bar area also included a a dance floor area and high top tables for the see and be seen folks.  The main dining space has typical booths against one wall and plenty of tables.  This area includes another bar which seemed less social than the main bar.

The Food

Dinner at Mastros-9

I am always interested in non-beef offerings at steakhouses.  Nowadays, you gather a group of friends and you are guaranteed to have a pescatarian, vegan and/or vegetarian in the mix.   Mastro’s wants ALL the coins not just carnivores so their menu includes a large sushi section, plenty of veggies and other seafood options.  I expected to order a steak, but once the waiter described the Wagyu Hamburger Helper, I had to get it.   Y’all, this is not yo mama’s hamburger helper.  Adding wagyu beef alone takes it up a notch!  It was so cheesy and delicious.  Plus the portion is big enough to feed a whole family.

Dinner at Mastros-Wagyu Hamburger Helper

Wagyu Hamburger Helper

For the sides, I was a bit disappointed that there was no mac and cheese on the menu!  Mastro’s makes up for it though with the lobster mashed potatoes.  There are huge pieces of lobster in the dish plus it is SO cheesy and creamy.  You can easily see why this is a popular side dish.

Dinner at Mastros- Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Not to be outdone, the dessert.  At the suggestion of the waiter, I ordered the warm butter cake imagining the ooey gooey butter cakes I had in college.  This cake is leaps and bounds better than what I imagined.  I would come back weekly for this buttery goodness if my waistline would allow me too.  It’s just that good, plus it’s served with homemade whipped cream which always wins me over.  No matter what you do on your visit, you must order this!

Dinner at Mastros- Warm Butter Cake 2

I mean just look at it! Doesn’t it look heavenly!

Dinner at Mastros- Warm Butter Cake 1

Oh and check out this angle too!

The Takeaway

In many ways, Mastro’s reminds me of the long closed steakhouse Mr. Peeples which sought to be a fun high end steakhouse in Midtown.  Since Mr. Peeple’s is closed, we see how that all went.   For Mastro’s, I think they get some components right that Mr. Peeple’s failed at.  The “fun” aspect at Mastro’s comes with large doses of luxury which attracts a certain crowd, plus the food is REALLY good.   As long as Mastro’s can keep the consistency up with the food, I can see it being a player in the Houston Steakhouse game for quite awhile.