*Cues Upgrade You by Beyonce*  Look, I have wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast ever since Jay-Z mentioned it in his verse on Upgrade You a decade ago.  Over the years images of the beautiful coastal cities on Instagram and Pinterest only heightened my desire to go.   So once my trip to Rome was booked, I knew I would have to travel south one way or another just to see the Amalfi Coast in person.  So check out this quick post about our Day Trip to Amalfi Coast.

Getting There

Day Trip to Amalfi Coast-1

We stopped on the side of the windy highways for this beautiful view!

As I explained in my Pompeii post, we opted for a guided tour of Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.  Our second stop for the day was to the Amalfi Coast.  To get there from Pompeii, we traversed through windy mountain roads.   If you get car sick like me, definitely have some medicine on deck for that ride, it’s a doozy.  Pretty, but a doozy!  During peek season, the tour usually takes guests to Positano.  Unfortunately, Postiano shuts down during the winter months, so we went to the neighboring city of Sorrento.  Our tour dropped us off near the town square and gave us two hours to get “lost” in the city.

Day Trip to Amalfi Coast-13

Another beautiful view.


I am a food blogger, so it should be no surprise that I spent most of those two hours eating at a local restaurant.  Being a costal city, our guide suggested that we go for seafood dishes while in Sorrento.  She also recommended the caprese salad (I love that American’s pronounce it like “caprice” as in the car).

My sister and I picked a restaurant called Tass per our guide’s suggestion.  There, my sister ordered the caprese salad as recommneded.  The look was the same as I have seen at home, but that mozzarella was definitley much more flavorful than the ones I have tried in Houston.  I ordered a mixed salad mainly because it came with shaved parmesan cheese on top. Definitley a smart decision.  For our entrees we both ordered the risotto with scallops.  Another good decision.

Walking Around

After lunch we walked around Sorrento and got a feel for the city.  My favorite thing were all of the random orange and lemon trees just lining the streets like regular ole trees.   There were also orchards throughout the town. With the abundance of citrus fruits, limoncello is everywhere and seemed to be the most popular souvenir.  Souvenir’s aside, I was on the hunt to find the famous views before heading back to Rome.  While Sorrento does not have a beach like other coastal cities, there views from the cliffs are stunning!

The Takeaway

This quick trip was really just a taste of what the Amalfi Coast has to offer and I really cannot wait to go back.  I will for sure go back in the summer though when these coastal cities come to life!

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The Rome Guide-Day Trip to Amalfi Coast