Hey friends! I took a vacation from my vacation and rested up before heading back to work.  As typical with any part time bloggers, a vacation from my day job means time to dedicate to my blog!  I spent the last few days creating all of my blog posts for Rome with information about where I stayed, what I saw and of course what I ate! All of these posts came together to create, The Black Girls Who Bruch Guide to Rome! If you want to know all about my Rome trip, start here. Enjoy :).

The Must Knows

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Going to Rome was a bit overwhelming at first, so I focused my research on the must see attractions and how to get around in a foreign country.  With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my favorite attractions with this 12 Must See Attractions in Rome post.  Plus Getting Around Rome where I share the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel around Rome and to other cities!





The Day TripsThe Rome Guide-4 The Rome Guide-7

Italy is a country FULL of great cities, so any vacation to Italy has to include stops to more than one place.  Rome is semi-centrally located allowing for plenty of day trips to places like Florence and  Naples via train.  We opted for a tour that led us to a guided tour of Pompeii and then an afternoon in Amalfi Coast.  Check out the highlights of my nerdy moments at Pompeii and head over to my Amalfi Coast post for the beautiful scenery.



The Food

The Rome Guide-6Look, I am a food blogger first.  This travel thing is just for fun!  So of course, I ate and ate and ate some more in Rome!  For my “Food in Rome” post, I focused on all of the restaurants that I loved, so on your next visit you can stop there as well!  I also included various things I noticed while dining in Rome such as how tipping works.  Checking out this post is a MUST before heading to Rome!







Where to Stay

The Rome Guide-3Finding a place to stay that is within your budget, great location and inhabitable is difficult domestically, but definitley a feat when you travel abroad.  We opted for a hostel #shocker in the Valle Aurelia area.   Head to this post for details on our hostel, the Bricks Rome and a few thoughts about staying in hostels in general!







Winery Tour in Frascati

The Rome Guide-10We took a winery tour in the beautiful city of Frascati organized through AirBnb Experiences.  This post highlights how my research led me to this gem and all of the fun details of the Merumalia Winery that we toured.  We loved Frascati so much that we stayed the afternoon.  For all these details and more head to the Day Trip to Frascati Italy post.






Holidays in Rome/Rome Nightlife

The Rome GuideOur trip put us in Rome on Christmas afternoon and ended just after the New Year. In short, Christmas in Rome was a dud.  The Catholic city completely shuts down for the holiday with many businesses and restaurants closed.  The following day, December 26th is also a holiday with everything closed as well.  In the days between the Christmas holiday and the New Year, the city did come to life! Our trip culminated with a New Years Eve pub crawl that allowed us to get taste of Rome’s night life.  For more information on the spots we visited and the group that organized it, check out my New Year’s Eve in Rome post!






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If you are planning a trip to Italy in the near future, be sure to pin this guide! Also follow me on Pinterest for all of my travel pins! I also highlighted most of my Instagram stories from the trip.  If you missed out on those be sure to check them out here.  I will keep them up for a few more weeks. Hope you all had a great new year and enjoy this series of blog posts!