I went on a sweet mission this weekend!  According to social media, several of my favorite dessert spots were offering special treats with proceeds benefiting various local charities and I was determined to find them all! I already made monetary donations to local charities that I like, but if I can sneak in a few more coins and get a sweet treat too? Why not! Check out all of these Sweet Treats Benefiting Hurricane Relief!

Dessert Gallery

To know me is to know I love me some Dessert Gallery! They typically create themed cookies for sporting events etc, so I was not surprised that they created a Houston spirit cookie with proceeds going to Hurricane Harvey relief funds.  They even made a Houston unicorn cookie because who doesn’t love unicorns??

Sweet Treats Benefiting Hurricane Relief-4

Here is a unicorn cookie I picked up from Dessert Gallery awhile ago. The HoUSton themed one has Texan colors 🙂

Michael’s Cookie Jar

I stopped by Michael’s Cookie Jar for the first time in search of their fundraiser cookies! Can I just say the cookies here are HUGE and they smelled so good when I walked in!  During my visit they were sold out of their #HoustonStrong cookies and promised to restock by Tuesday.  The large Texas shaped cookies are beautiful colors and all proceeds will go to a Hurricane Relief fund! These cookies go fast, so grab one while you can.

Crave Cupcakes

No surprise that locally owned Crave Cupcakes would create desserts with Houston in mind!  Here, you can pick up a HoUSton sugar cookie or red velvet cupcake.  The proceeds will go to the JJ Watt Relief Fund!

Sweet Treats Benefiting Hurricane Relief-2

Crave Cupcake Cookies!

Lee’s Chicken and Donuts

So Lee’s Chicken and Donuts, isn’t necessarily a “dessert shop” but they offer plenty of “sweet” donuts for purchase!  Lee’s created a red cross donut for the cause and will provide proceeds to the JJ Watt Relief Fund! My friend Renia from Gristle & Gossip stopped by on her birthday and got this picture of the red cross donuts.  Definitley made me drool.

Sweet Treats Benefiting Hurricane Relief-5

Red Cross Donuts from Lee’s! Photo Courtesy of : Gristle & Gossip.

Petite Sweets

Can you believe I had never been here before??  This cute little dessert shop right off of Kirby has so much good stuff! I will certainly be back.  On this visit though, I was there to pick up a few of their fundraiser desserts.  Petite Sweets created cute pup themed rice krispie treats with proceeds going to the Rescued Pets Movement.  They promised to refill those soon!

If that was not enough, they added a new ice cream to the mix, the Buffalo Bayou!   I had the honor or tasting this ice cream which is dark chocolate with homemade marshmallows, caramel, blondie chunks, toffee and toasted pecans.  It has a lot going on, kinda like it’s namesake, but it is REALLY good.  Proceeds from the Buffalo Bayou ice cream will benefit the mayors hurricane fund.

Sweet Treats Benefiting Hurricane Relief-1

The Buffalo Bayou!

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies

Tiny’s hosted a donation drive at their Rice location and their Instagram account includes adorable HoUSton cookies.  From the post, it is not quite clear if any of these proceeds will be donated to any fund, but I will keep an eye out for future events at these restaurants.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

So Sprinkles’ fundraiser is over, but I figured it would be wrong if I did not include them.   I did not want anyone to assume that they were not charitable because their fundraiser did SO well. Sprinkles sold adorable cupcakes with Texas shaped fondant. The proceeds ($25,000!!!) went to the Houston Food Bank!  They raised an additional $2,500 for a local pets organization too.  So it just goes to show you that these little dessert purchases do add up!

If you run into any other sweet treats for a cause, let me know!