Today just so happens to be National Ice Cream Day! As you may have gathered, ice cream or frozen custard recipes are probably my favorite things to make!  For National Ice Cream Day I decided to change it up a bit and make a dairy free frozen custard.  Please do not think for a second that I am shifting over to a health food blog, because that ain’t me! BUT I thought I would add a frozen custard to a repertoire for the lactose intolerant folks!  So enjoy this Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Custard!

The process for making the Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Custard is pretty much identical to the Vanilla Frozen Custard except, you using coconut milk instead of cream or milk.

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Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Custard

A Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Custard recipe! 

Servings 1 Pint


  • 3 Cans Canned Coconut Milk (Full Fat) You can find this in the Asian Food Aisle of your grocery story. I used the Polar Coconut Milk brand from HEB.
  • 6 Egg Yolks
  • 2/3 Cups White Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Vanilla Bean
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract


  1. Simmer coconut milk in large pan.

  2. Add sugar and vanilla extract to the mixture. 

  3. Slice vanilla bean and scoop out the inside.  Add vanilla bean contents to the mixture.  Also throw the rest of the bean into the mixture.  You will strain it out later.  Continue to simmer.

  4. Add egg yolks to a separate glass bowl.  Temper your eggs by bringing them to the same temperature as the simmering coconut milk mixture.  To do so, slowly add large spoonfuls of the heated coconut mixture to your egg yolks.  Slowly whisk until eggs reach desired temperature. 

  5. Once the eggs have reached the desired temperature, remove the coconut mixture from the heat.  Add the tempered eggs to the coconut mixture. Slowly whisk to combine.

  6. Strain the mixture into a bowl to remove any scrambled eggs and the vanilla bean.

  7. Refrigerate the mixture until chilled.

  8. Follow your ice cream maker instructions from here! (Note I did experiment to see if this recipe would work as a non-churn recipe AND it turned out way too icy for my taste.  For that reason, I would definitely recommend using an ice cream maker). 

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A Few Notes!


Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Custard-2

Drizzled a little bit of fruit syrup on top.

Y’all this frozen custard is SO good.  I personally hate healthier substitutes for recipes because they are an attempt to replicate a taste rather than just staying in their own lane! But this dairy free version is so good as it replicates the consistency of dairy frozen custard, yet has a better flavor!  Just note that the flavor is not a coconut flavor, which I am not a fan of.  It seems to provide a subtle sweetness that brings out the vanilla flavors.  It just comes together so well that I think I may be a convert!

For my fellow ice cream lovers, have you tried non-dairy ice cream or frozen custard? If so, what are your thoughts? Be sure to share in the comments!

Coconut Milk Frozen Custard Recipe