Last weekend I met up with my foodie crew for a last minute dinner on a Friday night.  So here is how the planning went. At about noon we realized that we were ALL free that evening and since that never happens we scrambled to find a spot suitable for dinner. I of course advocated for some new spots which turned out to be the “hottest seats in town.” We headed to Opentable and searched based on availability (#foodietip).  From there we landed on La Table, the galleria reincarnation that has been around for a few years.  Dinner at La Table seemed perfect for a Friday night so I hit the book button.  Keep reading for the rest of our experience!

The Setup

One thing you must understand before even booking a table at La Table is that it is TWO restaurants.  The fancier Chateau where we dined is upstairs and Marche is downstairs for more casual dining.  You of course enter from downstairs and almost feel like you teleported into a Paris cafe.  There is a dessert counter to the left selling typical French desserts.  To the right there is an outdoor patio which hosted a band on this Friday evening.  It was dark and crowded so I decided against getting venue pictures. Trust me it is beautiful!

Next, I headed upstairs to the Chateau.  So I visited this space when it was the Table on Post Oak.  For the most part, that restaurant had the same “bones” as the current version, but was fairly nondescript in terms of decor.   La Table totally steps it up!  The colors are soft blues and grays, my personal faves.   Some tables include chic gray couches while most are decked with a fancier Parisian cafe chairs.  I loved all of it!  Whenever I buy my mansion (gotta put it into the Universe) I need to hire their decorator.


With this group, good cocktails and a well stocked bar is a must.  When glancing online the cocktail menu looked okay, but seemed fairly limited.  Once we got there we realized that online did not offer us an exhaustive list.  Besides the cocktail list they of course have a huge wine list and can make just about anything you want.  I went for their version of the French 75 which has quickly become one of my favorite cocktails.  Anything with champagne!

FullSizeRender 22


La Table of course brings around the bread basket, so I grabbed a baguette… or two.   We were greedy and ordered appetizers as well, the lobster bisque and salads.   For the bisque, the presentation alone will make you want to order it.   A team of servers placed a bowl in front of us and removed the lid in grand fashion to reveal lobster, but no bisque.   Then in unison,  they poured the bisque into the dish.  I of coursed put all of this on my snapchat like a tween.

Dinner at La Table- Bread

The bread basket!

Dinner at La Table- Lobster Bisque

Not the best picture, but it was good so I had to share!

For our entrees, we all went for something different as we typically do.  The goal here is to try as much as possible.  When ever I am debating between several dishes I can rest assure one of these ladies is debating at least one of those dishes.   On this night, for whatever reason the chicken called my name.  While you may think “basic,” it happened to be the best dish of the night! All four of us agreed.

Dinner at La Table- Chicken Palliard

Chicken Palliard. It also came with French fries!

Finally… we were not leaving this spot without a dessert preferably a soufflé!  We ordered a giant soufflé to share with the table.  I, the obnoxious American who thinks I’m super cultured since returning from Paris, remarked “Soufflés weren’t this big in Paris.”  My waiter had to remind me that I am in Texas and everything is bigger here.   He then removed the center of the soufflé and stuffed a scoop of vanilla ice cream inside.   He added the top back before delivering each of us our portions.  The dish was absolutely delicious and adding the ice cream in the middle only made it better.

Dinner at La Table- Chocolate Souffle

Doesn’t it just look amazing?

The Takeway

La Table is a chic restaurant right in the heart of the galleria.  The look leads me to say it is perfect for a special occasion dinner like a birthday, graduation or perhaps even an engagement.  Beyond the look though, the food is excellent.  Hands down our dinner at La Table was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back!

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