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On a rare occasion, the cooking spirit comes over me I run to my kitchen to whip up something new or play around with old recipes.  Years ago I perfected a homemade buttercream that I have been making ever since.  I literally will buy a box cake and throw my own buttercream with it!  On this occasion I just wanted the buttercream, dats it.  But I quickly realized that a dish created from butter and sugar only looks good when it’s on a cake! So I was forced to create the whole shebang for the sake of this blog.  My poor waistline! The end result was great though and I am happy to share it with you all :).



Tips Before You Go

  • I have never made this sans a Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I imagine you could whip the butter as effectively, but it would probably be a workout!
  • I also use this Kitchen Aid attachment, because it has a scraper to wipe the bowl as you go.  It’s genius and the Kitchen Aid folks really need to make it a standard accessory when you purchase!
  • I noted that I use unsalted butter, you can use salted if you like that whole salty sweet combo thing.  I personally HATE any hint of salt in my buttercream.  Real chefs will say the contrast brings out the flavor, I do not see it, but to each its own!
  • Almond extract is VERY strong, use it sparingly.  It provides a different flavor though that immediately stands out.
  • I love the contrast of chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream.  My sister constantly reminds me that I am weird for this, but the person making the cake makes the decisions!
  • Oh and the cake in this post is a recipe from a blogger called the Hungry Hutch.  Head there for this delicious chocolate cake recipe.

Let me know your thoughts on this recipe and of course if you try it!