Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Like I said in my last post, television shows and movies were my source for all things Seattle.  If you were an avid watcher of Real World Seattle like me, then Pike Place Market is a MUST stop for any trip to Seattle!  We spent so much time there it deserved it’s very own post.  Here are all of the things I ate and saw in and around Pike Place Market.


Elliott’s Oyster House

Our conference hosts were kind enough to provide a list of Seattle restaurants near the conference hotel.  By day two we were all craving some seafood.  I for one was eager to see how Seattle’s seafood compared to the Gulf Coast.   With views of the water, Elliott’s Oyster House seemed like an easy pick.



Somehow five us managed to eat at an oyster house and NOT order any oysters.  Oops!  What we did order was pretty darn good though.  I went with the lunch special,  a crab and shrimp melt and clam chowder.  I am not sure what I expected from the “melt” but it definitely exceeded my expectations.   The melt amounted to a crab and shrimp dip spread across a slice of bread with cheese added to the top.  The dish was then placed under heat until it reached golden perfection.  I only wish I went for the whole order of it.

Not the best picture, but it was too good not to post.

Not the best picture, but it was too good of a dish not to include.

The Gum Wall



After lunch we headed to the gum wall.  Someone must explain to me how this thing started?! Did a traveler one day decide that the best place to put his chewed gum was on the wall of an alleyway and hundreds more behind him followed suit?  I took a few pictures and headed on my way out of the alleyway.  Cool photo op, but yes it is slightly gross to be completely surrounded by chewed gum.

The photo-op described above.

The photo-op described above.

The Market

A cherry blossom as we walked to the market.

A cherry blossom as we walked to the market.


From the gum wall, we made our way to the main market just as they finished the seafood tossing show.   I was kind of sad to learn that it was a show and not standard course of business.  Just crush my Real World dreams why don’t ya!  As I meandered through the market I also learned this place has way more than just seafood! The seafood I did see was HUGE compared to what we see out of the gulf, but it was definitley pricy.  Surprisingly, the best attraction in the market for me were the flowers! So bright and beautiful.  I wanted to take them all home.

Look at them!!! So PRETTY!

Look at them!!! So PRETTY!

Le Panier


Just across the street from the main market, we peeked inside of the original Starbucks to say we did it.  Since I am not a coffee drinker, I was definitley NOT waiting in that line.  We skipped next door to a beautiful French bakery!  My co-worker with the gluten-free diet gushed over of the macarons because guess what, they are gluten free! I went for a delicious rich chocolate cake, which unfortunately I do not have a photo of :(.  Just know it was great and like most French desserts, not too sweet.


If I ever make it back to Seattle, Le Panier is definitely on my list of must stops in Pike’s Place Market.  They even have coffee, so I would say avoid the Starbucks lines and just head there!

Rachel’s Ginger Beer


Per the suggestion of one of my Instagram followers I stopped in Rachel’s Ginger Beer too.  There was so much good stuff right in the vicinity of the market that I could not pass up!  All of the drinks are on tap, so it makes ordering simple and quick. At Rachel’s, I ordered the pink guava ginger beer.  The flavor is similar to most fruit sodas, but that kick of ginger really opens up your sinuses!  I personally loved it and found it very refreshing.

How cute!

How cute!



Before our flight, we headed back to the market to grab lunch and pick up souvenirs.  I generally advise against eating lunch in tourist traps due to price and quality, but convenience won over on this day.  We settled on Lowell’s because they offered seafood in a casual setting.  Most of us ordered the fish (cod) and chips.  Another co-worker ordered the blackened cajun fish tacos (more on that later).   While the dish looked pretty, it was just okay.  It needed a healthy dose of sauce to awaken some seasoning.   For those blackened cajun tacos??  Why did we trust Seattle folks to know what this means!  Again, a beautiful presentation that just lacked the described seasoning.

Where is the blackened?!

Pretty, but where is the blackened?!


I wish I could have seen more like the Space Needle or made it out on the water, but again this trip was for work so my sightseeing was limited.   I did get a good “taste” of what Seattle has to offer and I am glad to finally mark this city off of my bucket list.

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  1. Cynthia April 4, 2017 at 10:21 am - Reply

    Erika, by the end of my visit, I was regretting not buying any flowers for my room, while I was there. I must admit that I also couldn’t make up mind, because I wanted everything I saw 🙂

    • ErikasTruth April 6, 2017 at 2:18 pm - Reply

      YES! The flowers were so beautiful. I bet all of the brides there do their own boutiques and center pieces from that market. No way I would be paying a florist high dollar prices with all of that available!

  2. Kim April 4, 2017 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Can’t wait to go!! Love all your tips…. writing them down!

    • ErikasTruth April 6, 2017 at 2:17 pm - Reply

      I really think y’all would love Seattle! It’s such a foodie town! From the cities I have been to recently, I would say Denver and Seattle were the most foodie friendly. NYC is to of course, but I didn’t have time to really enjoy it how I wanted to LOL.

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