Exciting news in the Black Girls Who Brunch world!  I am starting a new series featuring some great local spots in Houston ahead of the Super Bowl.  My hope is that visitors to Houston go beyond franchise restaurants and see some of the great local restaurants that Houston has to offer.  To make this even more fun, I have linked up with a local producer Que to create vlogs in support!  We started this new series at Harold’s!  You may recall my brunch visit there awhile back, but this time I stopped by to try their new fall menu.  Check out this Back and Harold’s in the Heights video below plus my pictures and write-up.  I look forward to hearing your feedback 🙂 !

The Video

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I have posted on Harold’s before so I will not rehash everything, but I would like to note this is one of the restaurants where you will see the chef (Antoine Ware) and the owner Alli Jarrett as you dine.  I love that!   Every time I visit I feel at home which fits with the Southern menu.  The fall menu is the manifestation of this idea of Southern hospitality.  Think about what your grandma would make for you for dinner and that is basically the type of items you would find on this menu.


We started with several appetizers, crispy duck parts, butterhead salad, carbonara, gumbo and crispy shrimp etoufee balls (I didn’t save my picture of these *sad face*).  Let’s start with the crispy duck “parts.” We questioned Chef Ware about what exactly we were eating.  Apparently they were duck wings and as cliche as it is to say, it really did taste just like chicken.  The wings are seasoned with soy, ginger and garlic sauces giving you a traditional Chinese flavors. Finger licking good!

For the butterhead salad we were provided your typical wedge salad slathered with dressings and sauces.  You add a vinaigrette made with Crystal hot sauce, plus blue cheese and basically you’ve got buffalo wings without the wings.  I am not a huge fan of wedge salads, but I appreciated the flavors here enough to ignore the wedge aspect.


Finally, my favorite appetizer the carbonara.  The menu led me to believe this would be a simple pasta that would leave something to be desired.  No ma’am, this dish wins in simplicity!  The sauce is subtle yet perfect then you add the guanciale, Italian cured meat, and you have my favorite dish from the appetizer course!



Up next came the entrees. Gulf shrimp ‘n grits and their signature twice brined fried chicken with mac ‘n cheese and greens as sides.  For the shrimp ‘n grits they had me at “bacon wrapped shrimp.”  Bacon is my weakness y’all. Plus the addition of the sauce and onions adds an extra flavor that you do not always get with this dish. With regards to the chicken, Harold’s has some of the best fried chicken in the city, trust me on this!  The brining process ensures that there is flavor throughout the chicken not just the skin! This is a win.  Then for the greens. These are not those appropriated greens that some of these so called Soul Food restaurants are peddling around town.  No, these are truly your mama’s greens and I love them for keeping it REAL.

There was not dessert listed on the fall menu I received so I was pleasantly surprised when Chef Ware brought us a small chocolate walnut pie topped with a scoop of ice cream.  This was so adorable and honestly tasty too! For the bottom layer, Chef Ware laid on the chocolate super thick, so much so that I thought it was a sweet pie crust.  Such a good way to end our tasting.

The pie!

The pie!


I have given Harold’s my stamp of approval many times and they continue to come through!  For those in Houston, make sure you stop by to partake in their fabulous fall menu.  To the visitors who will soon descend upon my hometown, make sure to add Harold’s to your list! For the locals who just like Harold’s food? Don’t forget they are listed on Uber Eats, so you can enjoy these dishes from the comfort of you home!